Why did Western Europe slip into the dark ages?

Major Causes Of The Dark Ages | Why did Western Europe slip into the dark ages?

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  1. 1 The Fall of the Roman Empire

    The fall of the roman empire is the most cited reason for the collapse of the civilization in Western Europe and for the slipping in the dark ages.

  2. 2 No central government

    As the Central government disappeared with the fall of Rome rules disappeared and the countries that were under the roman rule went into chaos.

  3. 3 It was hard to fund education

    Because most of the countries' resources went to soldiers and farmers it was hard to fund education and so illiteracy developed

  4. 4 Tribes starting fighting each other

    As the Roman empire collapsed tribes started fighting each other to survive. Previously the roman army gave protection to those tribes but as it disappeared those tribes felt unsafe and started fighting each other.

  5. 5 The development of feudalism

    Feudalism was a system developed after the fall of Rome where strong people took over pieces of land in exchange of providing labor and protection to the weak people.

  6. 6 Christianity guilt thesis

    Some people argued that the Church's attitude towards learning was one of the reasons of the collapse of the civilization. Those people believe that the abuse of Christianity, had some influence on the decline and fall of the Roman empire’.

  7. 7 Barbarian invasion

    Some people cite the invasion from barbarian tribes as the reason education wasn't was a priority and so believe those invasions caused the Dark Ages.

  8. 8 The network of trade the Roman empire had collapsed

    As the Roman empire collapsed the network of trade they had collapsed which led to further deterioration in Europe.

  9. 9 The plague

    The plague that arrived to Europe is believed to be one of the reasons that assisted in the deterioration of civilization.

  10. 10 The Rich took what they wanted by power

    During the Dark ages it's believed that the rich and powerful took what they wanted by the power of the sword and thus the community's structure changed and order disappeared.

  11. 11 There were no laws

    As the Roman empire disappeared the laws also disappeared thus leaving people to live by their own rules. The strong took control of the resources while the weak worked for them.

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