Why is Christianity popular in Europe?

Alex Williams
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  1. Rulers and Kings converting

    Long time back, several rulers and king changed their religion to Christianity by the assistance of Missionaries. Seeing them, numerous in Europe got converted themselves to Christians, and that’s why the majority of people in Europe are the disciples of Christ.

  2. Became the official religion for the Roman Empire

    The religion started getting consideration as the official religion for the Roman Empire, under the influence of Emperor Constantine, who provided extensive support to Christianity.

  3. The Edict of Milan was passed

    You might not know about the Edict of Milan, which was given in 313. It was a decree that established tolerance for Christians and ended their sufferings along with their prosecution.

  4. Missionaries escalated the religion

    Missionaries wide-spread the religion all over Europe fiercely. They were not merely great influencers but also progressive. They knew about how, when, and whom to baptize and got them converted to Christian.

  5. Merchants spread it to north and west Europe

    In the first few A.D centuries, along with the merchants, missionaries, and soldiers also baptized people and immensely spread Christianity in North and West Europe. (See What is the difference between grace and mercy in Christianity?)

  6. St Patrick Efforts in Ireland

    It is because of this great personality St Patrick that Ireland is full of Christians today. He widespread this religion and get many Irish people converted to Christians.

  7. Armenia made it the official religion

    The King of Armenia, made Christianity the official religion of the country, in 301 Tiridates III.

  8. The baptism of Clovis I

    In 496, the ruler of the Franks, Clovis I have played a significant role in spreading Christianity, especially in Western Europe.

  9. The war against the Saxons

    Saxons were coerced to accept their religion as Christianity as The Carolingian Emperor Charlemagne led numerous campaigns. This enforced Saxons to get themselves converted to Christians. Although the method of the Emperor was not right, it led to a significant impact on a large number of people in spreading Christianity.

  10. Colonization

    With the emergence and burgeoning Colonization era, many Christians moved or carried out to different parts of the world, including Asia, Australia, North and South America, and Africa.

  11. Persecution of paganism under Theodosius

    The proclamation of banning pagan religions and forcing people to adopt Christianity led to a rapid increase in Christian followers.

  12. The idea of afterlife attracted people in the majority

    According to the beliefs of many people in Christianity, the concept of an afterlife is an enticing aspect. The immortality is only promised to the heroes or pure spirits, and once it is promised, it can do wonders. This aspect allured the mass audience to start believing in the Christian concept. (See How many different religions are there in the World?)

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