Why is Christianity popular in Europe?

How Christianity came to Europe? Why is Christianity popular in Europe?

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  1. 1 Christian missionaries spread the religion

    Christian missionaries were active and persuasive. Many of them traveled around Europe to spread Christianity and baptize people.

  2. 2 Merchants spread it to north and west Europe

    Merchants, Missionaries, and soldiers helped in spreading out Christianity in north and west Europe in the first few centuries A.D.

  3. 3 The Edict of Milan was passed

    In 313 Edict of Milan was passed which is a proclamation that established tolerance for Christians and ended their persecution. Prior to that proclamation Christians had to hide their religion.

  4. 4 It became the official religion for the Roman empire

    Under Emperor Constantine ,who gave broad support to Christianity, the religion became the official religion of the Roman empire.

  5. 5 St Patrick Efforts in Ireland

    St Patrick is believe to be one of the people who helped Christianity become popular in Ireland. St Patrick made efforts to convert the Irish population to Christianity and from among his converts new missionaries spread the world outside Ireland.

  6. 6 Rulers and kings converting

    When a ruler or a king converts to Christianity a large number of people usually follow them. Missionaries often manged to convert rulers and kings to convert to Christianity.

  7. 7 The baptism of Clovis I

    Historians believe that the baptism of Clovis I , the ruler of the franks, in year 496 was an important step that led to the spread of Christianity in western Europe.

  8. 8 The wars against the saxons

    The Carolingian Emperor Charlemagne led a series of campaigns against the Saxons in order to pressure them to accept Christianity. After many deaths the Saxons accepted Christianity.

  9. 9 Armenia made it he official religion

    In 301 Tiridates III , the King of Armenia, converted to Christianity and made it the official religion of the country.

  10. 10 Persecution of paganism under Theodosius I

    Starting the 4th century Theodosius I started to force the spread of Christianity by banning pagan religions establishing decrees that prohibit their activities.

  11. 11 Colonization

    As the colonization era started Christianity was carried out to the Americas, Asia and Africa.

  12. 12 The idea of afterlife was appealing

    In Roman religions the afterlife was a concept not available to everyone as only Heroes were promised an afterlife. Historians believe that the Christian concept of afterlife helped the religion spread throughout Europe.

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