How to save Rebecca – Resident Evil remastered

Resident Evil Remake: How to save Rebecca | Must Save Rebecca! | Resident Evil HD Remaster
  1. Go to Spencer’s room

    Go to the room that has the Spencer family emblem on the door. You need the emblem key to be able get inside that room.

  2. Rebecca will scream

    As soon as you get inside the door, you will hear Rebecca’s scream. Chris will conclude that the scream is coming from the upper floor.

  3. Move fast

    If you don’t reach Rebecca on time, the hunter will kill her. So you need to move very fast.

  4. Go through the knob-less door

    Go through the door that previously had no knob. Climb up the stairs so that you reach the mansion’s second floor. (See What is the Residence Door Code in Resident Evil Remastered?)

  5. Go through the last door in the corridor

    Go through the last door in the corridor to the east. This door will lead you to another corridor.

  6. Go through the door in the north

    Once you get into the new corridor, go through the doornorth of you. This is where you will find Rebecca. (See How to drop items – Resident Evil Remastered)

  7. Kill the hunter

    Once you get inside the room, you need to kill the hunter fast before it kills Rebecca. Fire your first shot fast to let it turn back to you.

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