What is the Residence Door Code in Resident Evil Remastered?

Get Residence door code in Resident Evil Remastered – There are clues to the door code in the billiard room.
JAN23 What is the Residence Door Code in Resident Evil Remastered?
  1. The door code changes every time you play

    The door code isn’t fixed, and it changes from one game to another. Follow the next procedure to get the code.

  2. Go to the pool table

    Go to the room that has spiders and a pool table. Light the oil lamps in the room using your lighter. There are three of them in the room.

  3. Check the pool table

    Check the pool table to get the code. The three balls in the center will tell you what the code should be. Note the numbers of the balls and their colours. In this picture, yellow = 5, green = 6 and red = 3.

  4. Go to the Gallery room to find the door with the code. Once you get inside the Gallery room, the door will be on your left side. You must have already found the Gallery key. (See How to get the gallery key in Resident Evil remastered?)

  5. Enter the code

    Remember the pool table you visited earlier? Match the colours of the door code with the colours of the pool table. When entering the yellow code, for example, find the colour on the yellow ball, which is 5 in this case, and so on.

  6. Enter one number per panel

    You must enter one number per panel, then click on the icon above to bring a different panel with a different colour.

  7. Chris doesn’t need this room

    This room is only useful to Jill as she can mix the chemicals to prepare the V Jolt. Chris doesn’t know how to mix chemicals so that this room won’t be useful for him. (See The control room puzzle solution – Resident evil remastered)

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