How to look mysterious?

Alex Williams
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  1. Wear sunglasses

    According to psychologists, one of the reasons Sunglasses make people attractive is that they make them seem more mysterious. As people fail to see a person’s eyes, that person will usually seem more mysterious to them.

  2. Reduce body movments

    Some people can read the body language of others and so know their feelings. When you learn how to use your hands and legs less while talking you will seem more mysterious.

  3. Wear a hoodie

    A hoodie can make you seem more mysterious as people might fail to identify some of your facial features. Hoodies are also usually connected to mysterious people in movies and this makes them more likely to create an aura of mystery.

  4. Talk less

    People find others mysterious when they think they don’t know enough about them. Talking a lot is one of the things that can remove that aura of mystery. (See Why some people don’t like to talk?)

  5. Wear dark colors

    According to psychologists, dark colors such as black and dark violet can make a person seem more mysterious to others.

  6. Wear plain colors

    When a person wears clothes that has drawings or many colors he might appear less mysterious to others. Wear dark, plain colors.

  7. Maintain a poker face

    Facial expressions can allow people to easily guess what’s going on in the mind of a person. When you display a poker face most of the time people will fail to guess your emotions and you will seem more mysterious.

  8. Let people see you alone

    When people see you alone frequently they might believe that you are a mysterious person. Over doing this, however, can make you seem lonely.

  9. Don’t share your secrets

    Not sharing your secrets or the details of your personal life with others can make you seem more mysterious. This, however, can lead to feelings of loneliness if you don’t have intimate friends.

  10. Don’t always be present

    According to studies, humans find familiar faces less mysterious as they get comfortable with them. By not showing up sometimes, you will prevent this familiarity from taking place.

  11. Have few friends

    The more popular a person is, the less mysterious he becomes. When you don’t talk to many people you will seem mysterious to others.

  12. Don’t be predictable

    Predictability is the opposite of mysteriousness. If you do unpredictable things then this will make you seem more mysterious to others. Once people are able to predict your next move you won’t become mysterious.

  13. Don’t get emotional

    When you get very emotional you become more predictable to people. When nothing seems to impress you then you will seem more mysterious. (See 20 Signs That You Are Emotionally Sensitive)

  14. Don’t use social media often

    The more information you share on social media, even normal status updates, can ruin the aura of mystery and make you seem like a normal person. See why people share things on social media.

  15. Don’t reveal your intentions

    When you don’t reveal your intentions to people they will usually start to wonder what’s going on in your mind and this will make you seem more mysterious.

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