How to get Pokemon Go on your iPhone?

Alex Williams
2 Min Read
  1. Sign out of your Apple ID

    You need to make sure that you sign out of your existing Apple ID before you wish to download Pokemon Go on your iPhone. You can easily do that by visiting your settings section.

  2. Change your region

    If you want to download Pokemon Go, always ensure that your country is supported. To be on a safer side, change your country to the USA by visiting Settings>general>Language>Region.

  3. Create a new Apple ID

    Now, you need to create a new Apple ID by visiting Apple’s site. The only thing you need to make sure is that the ID belongs to the same region you choose earlier. (See Why Apple has very high quality standards?)

  4. Verify your email address

    Once you create your Apple ID, you need to verify it.

  5. Sign in with your new ID

    Once you have verified, you are now eligible to use the ID. Sign in with the new ID, and you will be able to see the apps available for that same region you chose while creating your new Apple ID.

  6. In case you were not able to find it

    If you are unable to see it, it implies that the old App store was loaded. Now, you need to find the link for the game in the browser and click on that link to download. The link can easily be opened with the App store. Once the link is opened, you will get an option to change the store. Change the store, and it’s all to set to download. (See Video Summary: How Pokemon Went Viral – DNSQ)

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