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Why Niantic didn’t need marketing to make Pokémon Go viral | Video Summary: How Pokemon Went Viral?
  1. Pokemon turned from an idea to a behemoth that spanned games, manga, video games and even movies.

  2. Pokemon games were unique RPGs

    The original Pokemon games were great RPGs that had options many other RPGs didn’t have. The fact that a person can choose from 151 characters to play with has made the game very unique. Also, the ability to customize those characters has opened so many possibilities for players.

  3. The first multiplayer RPG

    Pokemon was the first RPG on a handheld device to allow players to play together, fight and exchange stuff.

  4. Every Pokemon is unique

    Each Pokemon encountered in the game is totally unique. Even if two friends choose the same Pokemon, they are very likely to have different statuses. (See Top 10 Pokemon Characters of All-Time)

  5. The platform encouraged trade

    Because Pokemon were released on a handheld device, multiplayer and trade were encouraged, as players didn’t have any problems in meeting anywhere and playing.

  6. The game was released in 2 different versions

    The game was originally released in two different versions where each version had its unique set of Pokemon. This encouraged trade between players and helped the game become even more popular.

  7. Pokemon learn different abilities

    The fact that each Pokemon learns different abilities and that those abilities are useful in different areas of the game and not just the battle motivated players to catch more Pokemon. (See Top 10 Strongest Pokemon)

  8. Rumors about rare Pokemon

    The marketing department of Nintendo spread rumors about the ability to find rare Pokemon hidden in the game. This motivated players to play more as it added an air of mystery to the game.

  9. Different media outlets

    The game, the show and the card game were actually connected. A player could see a move in the show then apply it in the game. This helped the series become even more popular.

  10. Pokemon was ditched by Nintendo twice

    Before Pokemon became popular, it was ditched by Nintendo twice and Gamefreak was about to go bankrupt.

  11. The fourth selling game in history

    Pokemon Red/Blue/Green versions sold 31.37 million copies in total. When combined, they become the 4th selling game in history, the best selling RPG.

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