How to get more likes for your profile picture on Facebook

How can I increase like on my Facebook Profile Photo? How to get more LIKES on Facebook Photos?

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  1. 1 Post at the right time

    In order to get the maximum number of likes, you need to make sure that you are posting at a time where people are already on Facebook. Know about the time of peak activity then post in it.

  2. 2 Don't change your profile picture often

    If you change your profile picture very often, you are less likely to get a large number of likes, for some people might be reluctant to like your photos twice in a short period of time.

  3. 3 Post often after changing the picture

    When you make posts, that are unrelated to your picture, many people will see your new picture and your chances of getting more likes will increase. See why do people like certain posts on Facebook.

  4. 4 Post a group picture

    When you post a group picture, you might increase your chances of getting more likes. Many people might like the picture that has more than one person in it.

  5. 5 Do something unsual

    Pictures with unusual activities get the most likes, for people get bored easily of traditional and repetitive stuff. See why you were suddenly unfriended.

  6. 6 Respond to each comment seperately

    When you respond to each comment on your picture, the engagement increases and so Facebook is more likely to show the picture to your friends in the News Feed.

  7. 7 Like the profile pictures of others

    If you have built a good relationships with others by liking their pictures and posts, many of them might pay back when you post a new picture.

  8. 8 Avoid the wrong days

    Exam seasons or days where people are fully focused on other events, such as election day, might prevent others from liking your pictures. Make sure you post on the right day. See why Instagram is better than Facebook.

  9. 9 Keep the picture for a long time

    Pictures don't have to get all the likes all of a sudden, for they can still collect some more likes over a longer time period. By keeping your picture for some time, you are more likely to get more likes.

  10. 10 Switch to the picture again

    You can change your profile picture then switch again to the one you want to get more likes on. The picture will probably get some more likes as it will show up again in the News Feed of your friends. See how to change your profile picture without losing likes.

  11. 11 Let a professional take the picture

    If you have a friend who is good at taking pictures, let them take it for you. Good pictures always get more likes than ordinary pictures.

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