How to get more likes for your profile picture on Facebook

How can I increase like on my Facebook Profile Photo? How to get more LIKES on Facebook Photos?
  1. Post at the right time

    For getting more likes, you must post at the time when people are already on Facebook. Just check and know about the peak time people are using it the most and then post it. This would, for sure, multiply the number of likes on your profile picture.

  2. Don’t change your profile picture often

    Keep in mind that changing the profile picture often might result in fewer likes. The reason behind it is that various people find it very reluctant to like too many photos of you in a short period. Thus, always give a gap and then change your profile picture.

  3. Post often after changing the picture

    Posting a group picture raises the chances of getting more likes. Many people may like the image as it comprises more than one person in it.

  4. Post a group picture

    Posting a group picture raises the chances of getting more likes. Many people may like the image as it comprises more than one person in it.

  5. Do something unusual

    If you post pictures doing something unexpected, you will get more likes as people love photos that are unique as they get bored seeing repetitive and boring stuff. (See Why you are suddenly unfriended on Facebook?)

  6. Respond to each comment separately

    If you reply to every comment separately, it will increase the number of engagement. The benefit of doing this is that Facebook would show your picture to your friends in the News Feed more.

  7. Like the profile pictures of others

    If you want people to like your image, it is vital for you to like their pictures. When you create a good relationship with them by liking your picture, they would also ensure that they like your photo.

  8. Avoid the wrong days

    Never post at the time when people are busy or their focus is on any other event. For example, do not post a picture when there is exam season or any other big event happening, such as elections. Ensure that you post on the right day or weekends when people do check their social accounts in their free time.

  9. Keep the picture for a long time

    Your photos would not get all the likes in just a few days, and you need to keep the picture for a more extended period to get more likes. If you keep it for a longer time, it guarantees more like.

  10. Switch to the picture again

    If you want more likes on the other photo, you need to change your profile picture and switch back to the photo you wish to have more likes. As the picture would show up on the News Feed, it would get more and more likes. (See How to use an old profile picture on Facebook and keep the likes?)

  11. Let a professional take the picture

    Pictures taken by a professional gets more likes than ordinary photo. Ask your friend who is good at taking pictures to click an image so that it looks appealing and you get more likes on it.

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