How to use an old profile picture on Facebook and keep the likes?

How to Set Same Profile Picture Again on Facebook Without Losing Likes?
JAN23 How to use an old profile picture on Facebook and keep the likes
  1. Avoid doing it from the desktop

    The first thing to keep in mind is that you do not do it from your desktop, resulting in losing all your previous likes and comments on that picture.

  2. Use the Facebook App

    Always use the Facebook app if you want to use your old picture for your profile picture. Do it through a mobile device if you want to keep the likes and comments.

  3. Click on your profile picture and choose ‘Choose from photos’

    For changing the profile, click on your existing profile picture. After that, select the option which says ‘Choose from photos.’ Now you will see all the old pictures that you would have uploaded before.

  4. Choose the Album you want

    Now, you need to select the Album from which you want to get your picture. Once you choose the Album after that, you can select from the profile pictures album if you wish to use your old profile picture.

  5. Choose the picture you want

    Once you choose the Album, select any image you want to update to your new profile picture. Once you select the picture, then press enter. (See Why Is Facebook So Addictive?)

  6. Click Done in the ‘move and scale’ step

    Now you would get an option to move and scale, adjust the picture as per your choice, and click on the ‘Done’ option.

  7. Check for your comments and likes

    JAN23 How to use an old profile picture on Facebook and keep the likes

    Once the picture gets uploaded, you can check all your likes and comments on your profile picture. (See Why some people are always online on Facebook?)

  1. Did not work..the one in my photos has no comments or likes. but the one next to the the profile picture i have in there has all the comments and likes but it will not let me do a thing with it!! So, can someone tell me why that is??

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