JAN23 How to Fix Hourglass Syndrome Stomach Gripping

How to Fix Hourglass Syndrome Stomach Gripping?

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The hourglass syndrome stomach gripping is a condition where a person is habituated with overusing the upper and the internal core muscles in order to pull in the stomach until a diaphragm where the person has created a muscular imbalance within the core muscles. Generally, there are three causes of this syndrome including early childhood development, anxiety issues, post-trauma, or injury. People tend to do it daily in order to look skinnier, and most of them have been suffering from gripping stomachs or hourglass syndrome. So, how to fix this syndrome? Read the article to learn about hourglass syndrome or stomach gripping and other facts related to it.

1. What causes Gripping Stomach?

The gripping stomach is most commonly caused by the desire to have a flattened stomach in order to appear skinnier. Our society has laid emphasis on the outward appearance to have a perfect body shape and is getting boosted by social media. However, this only results in syndromes like hourglass syndrome stomach gripping. The mental outlook we have on our bodies is strongly influenced by our stress and anxiety to fit into the social norms of society. (See What are the positive psychological effects of plastic surgery?)

2. Is Hourglass Syndrome Reversible?

Yes, hourglass syndrome is reversible. Just as you have known how to suck in your stomach, you can undo it. But it takes a long time. To undo holding your stomach in, it’s a mental challenge for you more than a physical one. You need to overcome the pain and the thought of such social norms that keep disrupting you. It is a challenge to go against the beauty of flat stomachs for the benefit of your own health. 

3. Can Stomach Gripping be Fixed?

Yes, stomach gripping can be fixed. It is said by experts that you may retrain your muscles with a combination of physical and mental exercise and challenges. This strategy pivots around the concept of combating the social beauty norms which affect body posture badly. This is perhaps the most prominent challenge in retraining the body posture. The other challenges mostly involve exercises that must be done properly, which usually take a long period of time. Must see How can an ectomorph gain muscles?

4. How do you Fix Hourglass Stomach Gripping? How to Fix Hourglass Syndrome Stomach Gripping?

Most of us have been self-conscious at some period of our life and sucked in our stomachs at regular intervals to look thinner around society. This, however, results in various syndromes which you would suffer from. One such type is the hourglass syndrome stomach gripping. The symptoms are back pain, breathing issues, and various other concerns. But how to fix this? To your relief, here is a list of cures that should be strictly abided by to retrain from the hourglass syndrome stomach gripping.

  • Breaking the Habit: This is the first step that you acknowledge of correcting the stomach gripping. It involves a mental strategy to combat your build-up habit.
  • Practicing proper breathing: It is highly recommended that you practice proper breathing as it can help you to retrain your brain as well as your body. It allows you to expand your contracted belly to expand naturally. You may practice this on your own, still, it is recommended to execute this under the guidance of a yoga instructor or physical therapist, or doctor.
  • Addressing strength deficits: This type of practice involves the guidance of a healthcare professional, such as a physiotherapist. They would target the soft tissue for relaxation of the upper abdominal muscles and strengthen your altered stomach muscles to tighten up.

5. How Common is Stomach Gripping?

The formation or process of muscles from childhood isn’t always right from the start, which results in many complexities. One such case is the gripping stomach which is so prevalent that it can happen to 30% of babies. This abdominal gripping can last till adulthood, which can create many complexities such as breathing issues, back pain, and much more. Check out What Structure Prevents the Backflow of Blood?

6. Why are you always Holding Your Stomach in?

You are holding your stomach in as you have been habituated to gripping your stomach to make yourself look thinner around people, the society. In today’s day, social appearance has become so significant that people are completely negligible of their own health. They usually tend to hold their stomach to look thinner and hence get habituated to this. This results in holding your stomach all the time because if you lose them, you probably would feel pain since you are habituated with the posture. It becomes much more painful to undo it and you feel relaxed withholding your stomach in.

7. What causes Stomach Muscles to Tighten Up?

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Gas, overeating, indigestion, IBS, and pregnancy cause the stomach muscles to tighten up. Stomach tightness is resolved with time, however, if you suffer from chronic diseases or symptoms like GERD, then the doctor may prescribe medication. Although it is not possible all the time to not have the feeling of tightness, as it depends upon the cause, you need to have a decent diet, do exercises, and drink plenty of water. And most importantly manage your stress. If you have severe issues, it is recommended to see a doctor. Read What are the Muscles that Evert the Foot?

8. How can you Relax Your Gut Muscles?

In order to relax your gut muscles, follow the steps of the exercises mentioned down below:

  • You have to lie on your back with your knees bent.
  • Now take a deep breath.
  • Put your belly button (navel) in toward your spine as you exhale.
  • Hold this posture for about 6 seconds, but do not hold your breath.
  • Now, relax for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat the same 8-12 times.

9. Will Holding Your Stomach in Flatten It?

Yes, holding your stomach will flatten it. Not only will it flatten but as well provide you with an abs workout. This is because the deep core muscles burn as you suck in your stomach. Your core will be more toned as you do it. However, sucking your stomach in, at regular intervals or many times, may result in hourglass syndrome stomach gripping. (See What Is the Funny Bone Nerve?)

10. Does Sucking in Your Stomach Burn Fat?

No, sucking in your stomach does not burn fat. If you are holding your stomach in, it would result in getting you a toned core muscle, but it doesn’t help you to burn fat. This is because as you suck in your stomach it uses a vacuum and not abdominal muscles. A vacuum means that no calories were burned and no strength was generated. 

We may conclude with the fact that however, the social norms want you to look or appear, it is always better not to abide by the trend at the expense of your own health as it may result in hourglass syndrome stomach gripping. You should be who you are and not allow yourself to look thinner. If you really are self-conscious, it is preferable to do loads of exercises and that might drown your belly fat in a healthy way. (Also read How much is TB Test at CVS Cost?)

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