How to counter goths – Age of empires 2

How to counter the Goth flood in the Age of Empires II? How to defeat Goths?
  1. Create an army of Paladins

    Paladins do well against the Huskarls , the unique unit of the Goth. An army of paladins or strong cavalry will help you defeat the Goth infantry.

  2. Don’t attack with archers

    Huskarls have a high pierce Armour so they are immune to archers. Huskarls can easily take out an army of Archers fast. Don’t put your Archers in the front line if you saw some Huskarls.

  3. Destroy near by Barracks

    The Barracks of Goths work much faster in advanced ages. Any nearby barracks could send you so many men fast. Destroy all nearby Barracks to make the game easier for you.

  4. Defend with bombard towers

    Since Huskarls are very resistant to archers defending with towers might not be a good idea. Try to defend with Bombard towers and castles. (See How to advance ages – Age of Empires 2)

  5. Create many siege units

    Goths can’t build walls. When you attack their base make sure you have a large number of siege rams and few Trebuchets. This will allow you to quickly take down their important buildings fast and so paralyze them.

  6. Take down buildings with Petards

    In order to Paralyze the Goth you need to destroy all of their Barracks fast. Use Petards to quickly raze their Barracks and preferably town centers. (See How to Beat Hardest AI in Age of Empires 2)

  7. Capture Gold mines

    The Goth , like most civilizations, can’t survive too much without sufficient Gold. Capture the Gold mines near their base and Guard them with Bombard towers.

  8. Do a Feudal rush

    Doing a Feudal rush can prevent the Goths from reaching level where they can create a large number of men fast. This can make winning much easier.

  9. Create eagle warriors

    Some players suggest that Eagle warriors are a good counter for Huskarls. Create an army of eagle warriors to counter the Huskarl attack.

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