How to Beat Hardest AI in Age of Empires 2

Hardest AI: Age of Empires II | How To Beat The NEW Hardest AI in Age of Empires 2
  1. Attack early

    The best thing that one can do while playing Age of Empires 2 is to attack the AI as early as you can in the feudal age. As if you allowed the computer to collect the resources, it will become difficult for you to defeat them.

  2. Attack with buildings

    The computer can provide great resistance even in the feudal age. You need to build a couple of towers circa 6-8 in one spot near its base to ensure proper defense. It is an excellent choice if you fill the towers with archers.

  3. Build towers near the Gold

    Gold is indispensable for AI in order to fight back or function. It would help if you built the towers near the Gold used by AI.

  4. Build a castle there

    Supporting your towers is vital. In order to do it, you need to build a castle. Once it is built, AI can fight back to sabotage your towers. That’s why it is imperative to fill the towers with archers and upgrade the murder holes, to increase the strength of them.

  5. Attack the villagers

    It would help if you stopped the AI from collecting Gold from other sources. You can send the knights who will prevent the AI from doing so. At the time when the computer’s forces reach, you retreat to your new base. (See How to advance ages – Age of Empires 2)

  6. Create an army behind your new base

    You need to ensure your army is being prepared behind your new base while you are using knights to kill the villagers.

  7. Attack when the army is ready

    Once you are assured that you have got enough men and a robust army to fight the computer, you should attack. On the contrary, it is also important to check the AI’s base. (See How to counter goths – Age of empires 2)

  8. No need to defend home base

    One thing is assured, AI never bypasses it’s home base to attack your original home base. Every attack will go directly from the new base you have built.

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