How does it feel like to swim in the dead sea?

Alex Williams
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  1. You don’t swim, you float

  2. You feel like a raft

    People who get inside the dead sea instantly feel like a wooden raft. If someone pushed another while swimming on his back in the dead sea then the later will drift away the way a wooden raft drifts when its pushed.

  3. Little control of directions

    Its a bit hard to control the direction while swimming on the back in the dead sea. When few people get inside the dead sea together they might fail to avoid swimming around each other and slow speed collisions can happen.

  4. Its very hard to swim normally

    A person can hardly swim normally with his face dipped in the water. As soon as a person tries to take the swimming position he will feel the water pushing away against stomach and spine. Sometimes people are forced to turn onto their backs by the water.

  5. The water is extremely slaty

    If one drop of water got inside a persons eye it can hurt for few minutes. Diving below the water with the Eye open can damage the eye because of the very high concentration of salt.

  6. The water tastes very bitter

    The water in the dead sea tastes very better. A person can experience a very bitter taste if few drops of the dead sea water got inside his mouth.

  7. All limbs can be lifted out of the water

    When a person floats in the dead sea he won’t need to move his limbs to stay floating. In addition, a person can raise his limbs above water level and still remain floating normally. People can wave with their both hands or raise their legs while floating. (See Why Do Old People Like Swimming?)

  8. Wounds hurt because of the salt

    If a person has a recent wound , as a result of shaving for example, then it will hurt when he gets immersed in the dead sea because of the high salt concentration.

  9. Some people start laughing as soon as they get inside

    Because all known laws of swimming physics change as soon as a person gets inside the dead sea some people start laughing. The unexpected feeling a person gets when he gets inside the dead sea can be funny.

  10. People feel much lighter

    People feel much lighter inside the dead sea that floating is totally effortless. A person can take a standing position and remain floating without having to do any extra effort.

  11. People who can’t swim can easily float

    The people who don’t know how to swim might not find any problems swimming in the dead because almost nothing needs to be done for a person to float on the dead sea especially when the person lies on his back.

  12. Its hard to touch the ground

    Its hard to touch the ground with the feet inside the dead sea. Because the water keeps pushing a person up it might be hard to go in the opposite direction to touch the ground.

  13. Skin feels very smooth

    During swimming in the dead sea a person’s skin will feel very smooth. If a person tried to slide his hand on his skin it will slide much faster than usually and will feel a bit slippery. (See Why do people skydive?)

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