Why Do Old People Like Swimming?

Benefits of Swimming for Elderly Adults | Why Swimming May Be the Best Exercise for Older Adults?

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  1. 1 It's a low impact sport

    Unlike many sports which involve a high impact and can result in injuries swimming is a low impact sport where people can train their whole body without any significant risk of injury.

  2. 2 Low possibility of injury

    Because the water reduces the impact that happens while people swim it reduces the chance of injury greatly. High impact sports such as boxing can result in many injuries as there is no medium like water to reduce the impact.

  3. 3 It improves balance and coordination

    In one study swimming was found to improve the balance and coordination of the body. The study claimed that old people who swim might be less likely to fall due to the improved balance.

  4. 4 It makes the heart stronger

    Swimming requires a lot of effort to be done by the heart. This improves the heart's strength and make the cardiovascular system healthier.

  5. 5 It's a social sport

    Old people can socialize by meeting their friends or other swimmers in the pool. It's not uncommon for people to chat while taking short rests in the pool (See why rich people like Golf).

  6. 6 Minimal joint pain

    Older people usually experience joint pain after exercising. Because the water reduces the impact swimming can result in minimal or no joint pain and that's why older people prefer it.

  7. 7 Strengths the muscles

    Swimming strengths the muscles without putting additional strain. Unlike the Gym where an old person can easily get injured while trying to make his muscles strong swimming can help that old person achieve their goal with much less risk.

  8. 8 Better flexibility

    Because swimming trains all body parts and allows them to move a person can get better body flexibility as a result

  9. 9 Healthier spine

    Smoking strengths the core muscles that carry the spine thus resulting in a better posture, improved balance and a healthier spine (See how to stop back pain).

  10. 10 Swimming can heal the body

    Swimming can heal the body as it allows the blood to flood to injures parts without putting a high impact on them. Older people like to swim because it helps them recover from their minor injuries faster.

  11. 11 Strengthens core muscles

    Swimming Strengthens the core muscles without putting the spine at the risk of injury. Older people who suffer from back pain usually benefit from the stronger core muscles they develop when they swim regularly (See how to strengthen your core muscles).

  12. 12 Can prevent osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis, a condition where bones lose their density and become weaker is common among old people. Swimming can help prevent osteoporosis and make the bones of old people stronger.

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