Why do rich people like to play golf?

Why is golf recognized as a rich person’s sport? Is golf a rich man’s sport? Why do rich people play golf?
  1. Because old people like golf

    The percentage of old people who are rich is much higher than the percentage of young rich people. Because golf is a sport that is favored mostly by old people, the chances that richer people are playing are higher since older people are usually more established.

  2. Expensive equipment

    Golf equipment can be a bit expensive, thus there is a high barrier to enter, since not everyone is able to afford them. The fact that the equipment is expensive makes golf more appealing to rich people than to people with a moderate income.

  3. Golf courses can be very expensive

    Renting a golf course or obtaining a membership at a golf club can be very expensive. An ordinary person can hardly be able to get such a membership and because of that, many rich people play golf, while those who have average incomes usually avoid it.

  4. A very friendly way to discuss business deals

    Because golf is a slow-paced sport, it allows people to talk while still focusing on the game. It’s like going for a walk with a friend but while playing an interesting game. This is why golf can be seen as a friendly way to discuss business deals.

  5. Showing off

    Because of its exclusiveness, some of the people who like to show off their wealth go for golf. Of course, not all people are showy, but showy, rich people find golf a pleasurable way to demonstrate their financial success.

  6. Knowing their business partner

    Some business people love to play golf with potential business partners in order to get to know more about their personalities before signing papers or committing to any contracts. It’s a subtle way to assess someone’s traits before officially working with him. (See How to Choose a Business Partner?)

  7. It makes them feel young

    As most rich people are old, golf is a sport that makes the players feel young, since it doesn’t require a lot of physical strength or stamina. (See Why do older people like to play golf?)

  8. Because it’s challenging

    Rich people are usually persistent, smart and competitive. Those personality traits make golf very appealing to them since it’s a very challenging sport.

  9. They have free time

    Well established people can afford to play a golf game for hours. Many of the younger men can hardly free up all that time just to play an expensive game.

  10. Connection to luxury

    Golf is connected to luxury. It’s a sport that allows people to relax, walk in nature, see beautiful scenery, all while enjoying a slow-paced game. All of those things together usually appeal to the personality of the luxury seeker or the rich person.

  11. To meet other rich people

    Business people can expand their relationships by going to places where they are more likely to meet other rich people. A businessman can meet other businessmen and strike a deal on a golf course.

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