Why do older people like to play golf?

Alex Williams
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  1. Peaceful and quiet

    Golf is a slow-paced game, which makes it more peaceful and quieter than other sports that involve a lot of action. Because older people are usually calmer than younger ones, they prefer to play a sport that resonates with their own mood and helps them relax.

  2. Nature makes it relaxing

    Golf is a sport that involves walking and being present in green areas. Those two habits are usually recommended for people who want to relax and get rid of stress. Because old people prefer relaxing to being tense, they love golf.

  3. Very unlikely to get hurt

    Older people have less tolerance for injuries than younger ones. Because golf is slow-paced and doesn’t involve any direct friction between players, it’s considered a very safe sport and that’s why so many adults prefer it over other sports.

  4. Because it’s not exhausting

    Unlike football or basketball, which can be very exhausting, especially to older people, golf is a sport that is more focused on the technique rather than the physical ability or body power. This makes it very interesting for older people.

  5. No stressful competition

    In golf, people can compete against themselves. This removes the stress of competition and makes golf more of a way to relax than a competitive sport. (See What are the causes of stress?)

  6. They can talk to their friends

    Golf is a sport that allows people to chat freely while playing. Unlike other fast paced sports where people are usually running or moving fast, golf allows people to enjoy chatting with their friends while still focusing on the game.

  7. Because they can master it

    An older person is more likely to be able to master golf than football. This gives that person a self-esteem boost and helps him feel younger. Older people tend to like golf because it’s a sport that doesn’t require the player to be young.

  8. Because few young people play it

    Old people can easily find others in their age group playing golf. It can be a place for an old person to connect with those who have similar interests, without having to come across very young people.

  9. Because they have the time

    Golf can consume a lot of time. Old and retired people are usually the ones who can afford to waste that much time because their lives are usually already well-established.

  10. Challenging but possible

    Golf is a very challenging sport. Because most old people can hardly find a challenging sport to play, they prefer to go for golf. (See Why do rich people like to play golf?)

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