Does wearing glasses make you more attractive?

Alex Williams
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  1. It depends on people’s beliefs

    While there tends to be collective opinions, the things that a person finds attractive are still strongly based on their own beliefs. One person might thus find glasses attractive, while another person might not find them attractive.

  2. It depends on your face

    The effect glasses will have on your look will depend on your face shape. If the glasses suit your face and complement it, it will make you more attractive. The opposite is also true.

  3. The person might seem intelligent

    Many people have the stereotype that those who wear glasses are more intelligent. In such a case, a person with that belief might think that the one who wears glasses is smart.

  4. They might improve facial symmetry

    Facial symmetry is one of the important aspects of attraction. Glasses can improve facial symmetry as they might hide puffy eyes, frown lines, and other imperfections.

  5. They can make you trustworthy

    Glasses might make a person seem more trustworthy if they didn’t have a big frame that hides the eyes. If the frame obstructs the eye, the person might seem less trustworthy.

  6. Can make you more intellectual

    Glasses can make a person seem more intellectual. This, however, depends on the beliefs of the person who sees them. If someone puts a high weight on the intellectual level of others, then glass-wearers will seem more attractive to them. (See how sunglasses affect your mood?)

  7. Can make a man sexier

    According to a 2012 survey, 87% of women think that men in glasses are sexier. This might be due to the fact that many women are looking for a smart person.

  8. They might make you seem successful

    Glasses can give the impression that you are a successful person. This depends greatly on the beliefs of the person who is judging you.

  9. Can improve distinctiveness

    Glasses, especially full-frame ones, can make a person look more distinctive. Frameless glasses might not have that same effect.

  10. Can make you seem like a good person

    Glasses can also make a person seem good, nice or friendly. Again, this depends on the beliefs of the ones seeing you. (See What makes a person attractive?)

  11. Rimless glasses are more attractive

    According to a study, people found those who wore rimless glasses more attractive compared to those who wore full glasses.

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