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JAN23 Who Owns Audi 1

Who Owns Audi?

A globally-renowned manufacturer, Audi falls into the category of the best high-end luxury and sports vehicles. Its founder, August Horch, started his own car company, and since then, the company has had to face many struggles to make it a new brand name.
JAN23 Who Owns Kia 1

Who Owns Kia?

Sometimes those who invented it do not own it, but the new owner is also not the owner. Yeah, it is confusing, but this is the case with the ownership of KIA.
JAN23 Who Owns Porsche 1

Who Owns Porsche?

Porsche's name has been associated with speed and luxury since the company's inception. In 1931, Porsche founded his own business and later incorporated it under Ferdinand Porsche, the head engineer at Mercedes-Benz.
JAN23 Who Own Subaru 1

Who Owns Subaru?

Subaru is a Japanese international automobile manufacturing company. Besides being a parent organization, it has its stakeholders, owning significant shares and making business decisions. For further information on the ownership of Subaru, consider a detailed glance below.
JAN23 What is Meant by Lowes Code 50 5

What is Meant by Lowes Code 50?

Intercom codes are widely used in Lowe’s stores to inform each other about certain situations without alarming the customers. These codes are like a secret language between the store associates. For further details on the codes, take a look below.