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Who Owns Jaguar?

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If you are into luxury vehicles, you might have your eyes on the all-time favorite and popular Jaguar vehicles. Some of its modern models offer reliability like none other. Moreover, it also offers the world’s best luxury and premium cars. Though most of these cars are manufactured in the United Kingdom, the company also has many production centers in India and China. If you want to learn more about the brand such as Jaguar founder and who owns jaguar then keep reading the article.

1. Who Owns Jaguar?

In 2008 Tata Motors purchased both Jaguar Cars and Land Rover and in 2013 they joined them as Jaguar Land Rover Limited fully and is the one who owns Jaguar. Owned by the conglomerate Tata Group and with its headquarters in Mumbai, Tata Motors is an Indian automotive manufacturer. Interestingly, Tata Motors own multiple automotive operations throughout the world. This includes the commercial vehicle segment as well as the passenger vehicle segment. (Also Read Where is Jaguar Made?)

Tata group owns Tata Motors and in the initial days of Tata Group, it achieved milestones such as Western India’s first hydro powerplant, India’s first hotel with electricity in 1907, and the establishment of the Indian Institute of Science in 1911.

2. Is Jaguar Owned by Tata?

JAN23 Who Owns Jaguar

Who owns Jaguar? Yes, Tata owns Jaguar. This answer may surprise some readers who were wondering whether is Jaguar owned by Tata. The headquarters of Jaguar Land Rover is in Coventry, United Kingdom. Coventry is about two hours north of London. In Birmingham, England the main assembly plant of Jaguar was located, when the industrial revolution began in Britain, since then, it has been a hub of manufacturing innovation. (See Who Owns Nissan?)

3. Who used to Own Jaguar?

Jaguar was started in Blackpool, England. Jaguar founder is none other than William Lyons and William Walmsley. These individuals collectively started Jaguar as the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922 and soon it was renamed S.S. Cars Limited. A sports saloon model known as the SS Jaguar and the SS Jaguar 100, which was a two-passenger open-top sports car was released in the year 1935. To differentiate them as a memorable brand the S.S. Cars were renamed Jaguar Cars Limited in 1945. Its amazing sports cars such as Jaguar XK120 and Jaguar E-TYPE gave Jaguar recognition.

Jaguar cars became part of British Motor Holdings Limited in 1965, which later on combined with the Rover manufacturer Leyland Motor Corporation Limited, thereby making the British Leyland Motor Corporation. Due to financial issues in 1975 British Leyland Motor Corporation became nationalized, but Jaguar became its own company again in 1984. Later on, Jaguar and Land Rover were purchased by Ford Motors. In the year 2008, both of these were sold to Tata Motors.

4. Who is the Jaguar Owner in India?

The answer of the Jaguar owner in India is Tata Motors, one of the largest automotive manufacturers worldwide. Though it is owned by an Indian company, primarily its manufacturing takes place in the United Kingdom. Ford bought the Jaguar brand in the 1990s to capture the growing new market for luxury vehicles. After some time, Ford Motor Company sold Jaguar in 2008 to Tata Motors because it was facing difficulty to gain profits on the sale. Read Who is the Honda Company Owner?

5. Where is the Jaguar Factory?

After discussing who owns Jaguar, now let’s talk about where are Jaguar factories located:

  • In Birmingham, England Ja guar models like XF, XE, XJ, and F-TYPE are produced.
  • In Solihull, England Jaguar F-PACE model is manufactured.
  • Wolverhampton, England has a Jaguar engine manufacturing plant.
  • Graz, Austria manufactures the Jaguar E-PACE and I-PACE models.
  • An engine production plant is located in Changshu, China, besides that Jaguar models like XE, and XF is produced here.
  • Jaguar plant in Pune, India produces Jaguar XF and XJ models.

6. How to tell where your Jaguar was Made?

Now that you know about Jaguar owner in India and whether is Jaguar owned by Tata, let us move on. The simplest way of knowing where your Jaguar car was originally made is by checking the first two or three letters of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). In most cases, this will be SAJ for Jaguar vehicles. The first three digits of a VIN are also known by their other name which is World Manufacturer Identifier. This helps people to figure out the country of origin for their car.

To locate the Vehicle Identification Number, you can check the registration documents of your car. Apart from this, one can easily find it on the metal plate in the inner driver door sill or the cowl panel. After finding out your VIN, see if it starts with SAJ, because if this is the case then that means that your car was assembled in the United Kingdom by Jaguar. Now you can easily figure out where your Jaguar car was made. (Also read Who is Mazda Owned by?)

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