Can you Drive to Russia from Alaska?

Where are Russia and Alaska? How did Alaska become a Part of the United States? How far is Russia from Alaska? Can you Cover the Distance by Walking? 

Traveling around with friends and family is a hobby for some people while others are introverts and prefer their own personal space. Did you know that the first person who took the courage to step ahead and set off on a journey was Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer? In his search for sea routes, he became the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean. However, have you ever wondered what it might feel like if we could cross continents and visit different countries by road? Also, talking about journeys, can you drive to Russia from Alaska or can you still walk from Alaska to Russia? Can you enter Russia from Alaska? Let’s find it out!

1. Where is Russia?

The Russian Federation or Russia is a transcontinental country stretching between Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. Russia lies between 61.5°N, and 19° East and 169° West longitudes. (See Which Asian Country has Land within the Arctic Circle?)

2. Where is Alaska?

It is located on the western side of the United States and in the extreme north of America. It shares a border towards the east with the Canadian province of British Columbia and Yukon Territory. Towards the west, it shares the Maritime Border with the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug of the Russian Federation across the Bering Strait. Must see what is the northern most state in the US?

3. How did Alaska become a Part of the United States?

Alaska was a part of the Federation of Russia before 1867 but the United States purchased Alaska for $7.2 million. Russia and US were allies against the British and eventually, Americans wanted Alaska for its own benefits as it has an abundance of natural resources. The deal was done under the Treaty of Cessation of Alaska (Alaska Purchase) and Russia handed over Alaska to the United States. (See What does State Province Mean?)

4. How Far is Russia from Alaska?

The mainland of Russia and Alaska has a distance of roughly 55 miles (88.51 kilometers). This distance is not the land but the water body between the two countries. The Bering Strait joins Russia and Alaska. The width of the Bering Strait is just 2.5 miles (4.02 kilometers). Now, can you drive to Russia from Alaska? Read on to know about it. (See How Far is 300 Meters?)

5. Can You still Walk from Alaska to Russia?

Prior to understanding the answer to whether can you drive to Russia from Alaska or not, let’s see if this distance can be covered by foot. The stretch of water, the Bering Strait, which lies between Alaska and Russia, can pave a way for walking. During the winter, the water in the stretches freezes enough to walk on it. It is possible to walk on this frozen stretch from Alaska to Russia. Must read Where is Turkey Situated?

6. How much Time will it take to Walk from Alaska to Russia?

There are very few people who have tried doing this not only because of the weak ice sheet formed on the Bering Strait but also due to the strict rules set by Russia regarding the entry and exit of the country from the remote shoreline. However, there were a few reported cases out of which the last one was in 2006. Karl Bushby along with his American companion, Dimitri Kieffer, completed their journey from Alaska to Russia on foot. It took them 14 days to reach Russia through the Bering Strait. (See How long does it Take to Walk around the Earth?)

7. Can you Drive to Russia from Alaska?

It may be possible to see the land of Russia from Alaska, but that does not mean you can drive from Alaska to Russia. No, because there is not a single stretch of land connecting the two countries. It is impossible to drive to Russia or the other way around. (See How long does it take to drive 1 mile?)

8. Why is Driving Impossible from Russia to Alaska?

Now that we know the answer to whether can you drive to Russia from Alaska, let’s dive into the reason why it is impossible. Looking at the countries on a map feel like they are close to each other, but this is not the case. The Bering Strait is keeping them apart and they do not overlap anywhere. You may be thinking that you can drive easily during winters when the water in the Bering Strait freezes. But let me tell you, it is neither possible nor safe to do so. Ice is not strong due to the presence of deep canals made by the strong current of the Strait. (See Should you go to North Carolina or South Carolina?)

9. What if  You still need to Travel by Car?

Can you drive to Russia from Alaska? If you want to travel from Alaska to Russia in your car, there are two ways. You have to load your car onto a ship or flight. But as I said, the rules are strict and to do so you have to go through a lengthy paperwork process which may take days. In addition to that, you have to pay a hefty price for shipping or flying the vehicle which is much more than your ticket. (See How Fast does the Fastest Car go?)

10. Can You enter Russia from Alaska?

After getting the answer to how can you drive to Russia from Alaska or go by flight, take a look ahead to clear out other queries for the same.

Yes, it is possible to enter Russia from Alaska. All you have to do is to depart from Alaska outside a port of call. It is a community with immigration facilities and custom facilities termed as the port of call in Alaska. The only condition to enter the country legally is through them along with the fact that you have to arrive at an official port in Russia. (See What is the Most Southern State in America?)

11. Can You enter Russia from Alaska through the Bering Strait?

No matter how easy it sounds, it is impossible and illegal to do so. First, you cannot drive from Alaska to Russia. Secondly, there is no official port of call connecting the two countries through the Bering Strait. Russia is very strict in this matter and to date, there is no one who has received permission to enter or exit the country through the Bering Strait. (See When can navigation rules be overlooked?)

12. Why is it Illegal to enter Russia from Alaska?

It is not illegal if done through a proper immigration process. But yes, trying to enter Russia by walking, swimming, or boating is not a good idea. Their rules and security are very strict and particular. Russian forces are guarding their borders and let us assume that even if you succeeded in reaching its borders you cannot stay there. The officials on patrol will seize you on the spot and deport you back to Alaska or whichever country you belong to. (See What country am I in?)

13. Why there is No Bridge between the Two Countries?

It’s due to the relationship between the two nations. Alaska is a part of the United States, and Russia claims it to be theirs. This conflict has traveled down for generations and it is hard to conclude when this conflict will end. And because of this, the two nations are not on friendly terms to build a bridge to cover the gap. Moreover, the freezing winters in this northern region make it difficult for any such infrastructure to remain intact through the seasons. Must read Why did they built the Brooklyn Bridge?

14. Are there any Tunnels?

No matter how curious you are in this context, every other option turns out to be a no. The rules prohibiting the construction of bridges stand still the same for any tunnels too. Even if there were any tunnels, to begin with, they would have been long destroyed due to the freezing winters. (See 30 Largest Coastal Cities in the World)

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