10 Best South Park Seasons

Which is the best south park season? These are the 10 best South Park episodes
  1. Season 8

    Season 8 is the best season of South Park, comprised of the darkest and unforgettable characters to ever come out of the show. This season contains 14 episodes that provide the viewers with an engaging experience. The eighth season was premiered in March 2004 and had extraordinarily hilarious adventures with beautiful character moments.

  2. Season 10

    Season 10th was premiered in March 2006. Chef’s character was seen for the last time as the character did not appear in further seasons. Many episodes of this season are amusing, including ManBearPig, The Return Of Chef, and Stanley’s Cup.

  3. Season 14

    Season 14 is the blend of both monumental multi-part episodes like 200 and 201. Both of these episodes offered so much creativity and excitement that it is considered to be one of the leading seasons. Some other spectacular episodes of this season include Creme Fraiche, Sexual Healing, etc.

  4. Season 5

    This season is one of South Park’s most crucial seasons as the character ‘Eric Cartman’ was born in one of the episodes named ‘Scott Tenorman Must Die’ of Season 5, an immensely popular character. Hence, it can be concluded that this season is the launching pad for South Park, which was premiered in June 2001.

  5. Season 13

    This season consists of 14 episodes, aired in March 2009. It was the first season of Soth Park, broadcasted in high definition (HD) and widescreen. Season 13 is considered legendary and full of unforgettable episodes, including Fishsticks, The Coon, Whale Whores, Dances with Smurfs, etc.

  6. Season 6

    Many characters were adored in this marvellous South Park season, such as Professor Chaos and Bebe’s Boobs Destroy Society. If you want to know sharp, funny, and classic episodes of Season 6, all of them fall under the category, but the most amazing ones are My Future Self n’ Me, Asspen, Phillip Movie Trailer, and Fun with Veal. (See Why do people binge-watch TV shows?)

  7. 7Season 11

    One of the most famous characters of this season is Cartman. Season 11 was aired in March 2007 and, like all other season, contains 14 episodes. All the episodes of this season were imaginative and offered comical experience- Night of the Living Homeless, The List, Imaginationland Episode 1, 2, and 3, to name a few.

  8. Season 7

    Season 7 contains immaculate episodes that focus on the characters like ‘Toilet Paper’ and ‘Casa Bonita,’ which is the best Cartman/Butters episode to date. This season is also said to be the season of Cartman as 3 episodes centre around him portraying different sociopathic personality aspects.

  9. Season 9

    The most controversial and famous episodes of this season, ‘Trapped in the Closet’, is one reason for Season Nine’s popularity. Mr Garrison Fancy New Vagina was the character that was admired by many viewers, including the episodes like Ginger Kids, The Death of the Eric Cartman, and Marjorine.

  10. Season 4

    Season 4 introduced the character of Timmy, which was loved by the audience. Many episodes of this season provide the viewers with an impeccable customer experience, such as ‘A Very Happy Christmas, Timmy 2000, and 4th Grade. (See 20 Best 70s TV shows)

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