Why Yahoo Answers is bad?

What is wrong with Yahoo! Answers? What’s so bad about Yahoo! Answers?
  1. Best answers are sometimes incorrectly chosen

    Because best answers are chosen by one person they sometimes get chosen incorrectly. This can give people misleading information in some cases.

  2. There are lots of Trolls and bullies

    It’s not unusual on Yahoo answers to find a troll or a bully making fun of someone or making a Racist remark.

  3. Answers are not comprehensive

    The fact that a question can be closed after sometime makes the answers of some questions not comprehensive.

  4. Partial anonymity reduces the quality of answers

    The partial anonymity of users , who register by any name and email, can sometimes prevent people from writing good answers as they don’t care about their reputation much.

  5. The interface is cluttered

    The Yahoo answers interface is cluttered and can sometimes be distracting. (See Why Google Answers failed?)

  6. Poor Quality questions

    In many occasions questions that are considered of a lower quality can be found on Yahoo answers.

  7. Wrong answers get upvotes

    It’s not uncommon to see a sarcastic comment getting so many up-votes in one question. Because the Community has a lot of bullies this problem shows often.

  8. Quora attracted many intellectuals

    Some people believe that Quora attracted many of the intellectuals leaving less educated people on Yahoo answers. (See Why is Quora better than Yahoo Answers?)

  9. No revisions

    Because wrong answers don’t get revised they usually remain on Yahoo answers unlike Wikipedia where pages are usually checked more than once.

  10. Shallow questions attract shallow answers

    According to an argument by some Quora users: The shallow questions on Yahoo answers attract people who later on post shallow answers to Yahoo answers.

  11. Has no real community

    Unlike Quora and Wikipedia Yahoo answers have no real community. Instead the site has many registered users who don’t have some of the properties of a real community.

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