Why is Quora better than Yahoo Answers?

How does Quora differ from Yahoo Answers? What makes Quora better Yahoo Answers?
  1. The best answer isn’t always the best

    Yahoo answers allows people to mark an answer as the best answer. Many people Mark incorrect and accurate answers as the best answer thus leading to false information.

  2. Questions are closed on Yahoo answers

    On yahoo answers Many questions are closed after getting an answer. This reduces the quality of the page and sometimes prevents people from getting the information they are looking for.

  3. Yahoo has many Trolls

    Many people abuse Yahoo answers by bullying the one who asked the question, making fun of him or even making racist remarks.

  4. Many wrong answers get upvotes

    It’s not uncommon on yahoo answers that a sarcastic remark gets so many high votes. The quality of answers generally is much lower on Yahoo answers than Quora.

  5. Quora is about real people

    Because Quora forces people to put their real identities the answers tend to be of a higher quality compared to those of Yahoo answers.

  6. Quora is more social

    As the founder of Quora came from Facebook he turned Quora into a social site that utilizes many of Facebook’s features. This made Quora more interesting than Yahoo answers. (See Why Yahoo Answers is bad?)

  7. Quora contains more detailed answers

    Generally Quora’s questions are more detailed as Quora allows graphs and pictures in their answers. The fact that a Quora question remains open forever also contributes to quality.

  8. Quora started with Tech topics

    Because Quora started with Tech topics it attracted smart people and computer geeks who usually provide better answers.

  9. Quora is less cluttered and easier to navigate

    Quora’s site is less cluttered and it has a better readability than Yahoo answers.

  10. Quora has more in depth answers

    Generally Quora has more in depth answers as they managed to attract many experts to the their community. (See Why Google Answers failed?)

  11. Quora is monitored more strictly

    Quora’s questions are monitored more strictly. Quora has bots that fix the format of the question. This makes Quora’s questions more readable and more useful.

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