Why Whatsapp is so popular?

One billion people now use WhatsApp every day, but why? Why WhatsApp Is so Popular?
  1. It’s a fast way of messanging

    People usually prefer the shorter path and they adopt the things that help them reach their goals fast. Whatsapp is a fast and efficient way of communication.

  2. It’s almost Free

    WhatsApp supposingly charges $1 dollar per year. The fact that it’s almost free helped it become poplar.

  3. It works on all platforms

    One of the reasons Blackberry messenger BBM died is that it only worked initially on Blackberry devices. Whatsapp works on all platforms and this made it easy to contact any person who has a phone number.

  4. No need to add a contact

    Unlike some other messengers WhatsApp using the phone number to communicate directly with people. This makes it much simpler to use

  5. It’s minimalistic

    WhatsApp’s interface is minimalistic. The interface focuses on one thing which is communicating with people efficiently. (See Why is Instagram so popular?)

  6. It became a platform for sharing images

    Whatsapp has became a platform for sharing images and sending pictures. This made it even more popular since it was a faster way to send pictures than Facebook.

  7. It’s cheaper than texting

    Compared to texting whatsApp costs nothing. Because it was one of the first platforms to replace texting many people started using it to reduce their bills.

  8. The smart phone boom

    WhatsApp was created in 2009. A time where smart phones were booming. This helped the App become much more popular.

  9. No need to sign in

    Most people don’t like to do any extra effort and the fact that whatsApp doesn’t need signing in made people feel comfortable in using it.

  10. People can make calls from it

    WhatsApp introduced the calls feature later on. This helped the App become a direct competitor to many Apps that offer the ability of making phone calls.

  11. It has no ads

    WhatsApp doesn’t have ads. This made the App more appealing to people who find ads annoying. (See Why Facebook Bought WhatsApp For $19 Billion?)

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