Why Super Mario Run is bad?

Why Did Super Mario Run failed? What Went Wrong with Super Mario Run? Why Super Mario Run is bad?
  1. Few free levels

    Super Mario Run has very few free levels. In order for a player to play the rest of the levels, he must purchase the full game at once. The game should have had more free levels.

  2. The game is very short

    Super Mario run has 6 worlds each having only 4 four levels. The game is considered very short and many reviewers said that they completed it in few hours.

  3. The levels are very short

    A typical level in Super Mario Run is very short. The short levels plus the few number of levels in the game make the game a very short one.

  4. Mario doesn’t stop

    Unlike traditional Super Mario games, Super Mario doesn’t stop in this game. The game uses the mechanics of typical running games. Some players considered this a strange move. (See Why are endless running games so popular?)

  5. Few abilities

    In Super Mario Run, Mario can’t throw fireballs, wear costumes, ride Yoshi nor do anything but grow after using a mushroom. With the exception of a few new jumping styles, the game is lacking when it comes to abilities.

  6. Weird controls

    The game controls have been described as weird by some players. The game can be played with one hand and this resulted in preventing Mario from going except in one direction. The controls of the game are very different from those of traditional Mario games.

  7. Must be played online

    The super Mario run game must be played online. The game pauses when the signal is weak and only resumes when the signal is good. This problems limits the places where the game can be played. (See Why Online Games are addictive?)

  8. Crash reports

    Many players have put negative reviews for the game on the App store stating that the game crashes a lot or that it doesn’t start.

  9. Unlocking new characters is boring

    Some players said that the process of unlocking new characters is boring, as a person has to go through many rally races in order to do that.

  10. The game is easy

    The game is considered an easy one that can be beaten fast. The combination of a short and not so difficult game makes the game very short.

  11. The game is pricey for its little content

    Super Mario Run can be bought for $10. This price was considered pricey by some gamers who compared the price to the little content in the game and the short game duration.

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