Why Stranger Things became so popular?

What made Stranger Things so popular? Why is Stranger Things so popular?
  1. The critics like it

    The critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave the first season of Stranger Things a 95% rating which is more than what most shows get. The 95% score is based on 58 critics.

  2. The audience likes it

    Based on the 6,500+ reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the show also received a 95% rating. On IMDb, the average of the episodes has a rating of 91%.

  3. Word of mouth

    The TV show received praise from audience and critics and people told others about it which increased its popularity drastically, according to several websites and reviews.

  4. It’s a Netflix original show

    Netflix is very accessible for most of the audience. The show being on Netflix also means that it can be watched any time at whichever rate the viewer chooses, meaning that it was all released on the same day and the viewer could watch it right away. (See Why Netflix is so popular?)

  5. It has a good plot

    Stranger Things has a good plot as both the audience and the critics claim. Each of the characters, or each group of characters go after an objective to meet up in the finale with a good build up.

  6. The characters are interesting

    The show focuses on several characters, five children, four teenagers and two adults. They are all well written to portray how normal people in the real world would act if they were put in the same situation.

  7. The directing is good

    Several critics praise the directing and the storytelling of the movie that one article is called ‘The Show Steven Spielberg and Stephen King Never Made’ which shows how good the directing is, as it is compared to one of the best directors of all times, according to several critics and magazines.

  8. The show is short

    Each episode of the show ranges from 45-55 minutes which means that it’s an easy to digest episode. The whole season is 8 episodes, as well, making it a great binge-watch. (See Why do people binge-watch TV shows?)

  9. It pays homage to different things

    The show pays homage to Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, ET, Stephen King and several other things but without ripping off any scene from the original works. It only shows appreciation to what those works were.

  10. The nostalgia

    The show is set in the 80s which is a common ground for a lot of adventure movies. According to some reviews, the show takes a lot of the good aspects from shows like the X-Files and movies like the Goonies.

  11. The acting

    From Winona Ryder to Millie Bobby Brown, the cast that was chosen plays the role very well. David Harbour plays the skeptical police chief very well and the children portray their characters very well.

  12. The contrast between the humor and the horror

    There are a lot of scenes where Stranger Things shows the fun side in a way that actually makes the viewers laugh. Other times, it shows a scary side that can be terrifying at times.

  13. It’s a family show

    There aren’t many shows that can appeal to all members of the family like Stranger Things could. Many of the viewers say that the success of the show comes from it appealing to all family members.

  14. The atmosphere and the music are appealing

    The movie excels when it comes to building up an atmosphere as it relies on aspects of the period, which means that the music that was used is particularly from the era with bands like Foreigner, The Bangles and Joy Division. There is a specific focus on the Clash’s Should I Stay or Should I Go.

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