Why some people think the iPhone is the best phone?

What makes the iPhone so uniquely desirable? Why do some people think the iPhone is the best phone?
  1. User friendly

    iPhone users feel that it is the most user-friendly device as compared to all other phone brands. It has been surveyed that oodles of iPhone users provided their feedback that it is effortless even for a beginner to use.

  2. Does not hang

    One of the best parts of the iPhone is that it never slows down. Even if it has been used for a couple of years and becomes quite old, it still functions like a masterpiece. Unlike other android or windows phones, iPhone gives less control to users due to which the functioning never gets slow.

  3. Merely have any bugs

    All credit goes to its Research & Development team and Tech team that supervises its software meticulously before its release. They always ensure that once the new iOS releases on the app store, it never crashes and merely gets bugged.

  4. Perceived as the original smartphone

    iPhone brought a revolutionism in the smartphone industry. It is considered as the original and innovative smartphone that was launched with the new concept. Moreover, it is labeled as the original smartphone, and people always believe that the original is still a better choice than a copy.

  5. Allures practical people

    Usually, realistic and productive people like iPhone. It is because the iPhone itself is a practical phone allowing people to perform their tasks swiftly and smoothly.

  6. No spam apps

    App store does not contain any sam apps, unlike other Android or Windows phones. Even if it includes, there are merely any. This aspect increases its credibility, and more users tend to inclined towards iOS. (See Why do some people love iPhones that much?)

  7. Up to date software

    iPhone compels users to stay up to date to the latest iOS software to ensure that the phone’s performance remains efficient and optimal.

  8. Apps are released there first

    Most of the time, apps are launched in the App Store much before they are released in Play Store. It is because Apple provides an efficiently operating system, and hence, the other companies are keener to release apps on the App Store.

  9. Robust camera

    iPhone has an outstanding camera that can add to a person’s embellishments and capture the picturesque places astoundingly. (See Why android users hate iPhone users?)

  10. Enhanced hardware and software integration

    You will never experience any mismatches in its hardware or software as they are integrated after scrutinizing all aspects.

  11. Organized interface

    Apple offers the best and most systematic interfaces. Many other Android phones have a sloppy interface that can difficult for the new user to understand.

  12. Apps look better

    The developers are assured that all apps designed by them will be displayed as the high-quality standard app. Moreover, developers of the app are also provided with an option to create a design theme that matches the iPhone’s theme.

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