Why some people think the iPhone is the best phone?

What makes the iPhone so uniquely desirable? Why do some people think the iPhone is the best phone?

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  1. 1 Extremely simple to use

    The iPhone was designed in a way that makes it extremely simple for a person to use. Since most smart phone users are not tech savvy, they found the iPhone appealing. See why simple products are more likely to succeed.

  2. 2 Hardly has any bugs

    The way Apple supervises all software before allowing it to be released on the app store has resulted in a highly stable phone that hardly crashes or gets bugged.

  3. 3 Doesn't slow down

    Unlike the Android phone which can become slow as a result of installing many programs, the iPhone, which gives less control to users, can hardly allow this to happen. See why Android users hate iPhone users.

  4. 4 Appeals to practical people

    The iPhone was designed to be a practical phone that allows people to get their important tasks done fast. Practical people might find the iPhone more appealing than other phones.

  5. 5 It is seen as the original smartphone

    Many people regard the iPhone as the original smartphone that started the smartphone revolution. Those people believe that the original is always better than the copy.

  6. 6 No spam apps

    There are hardly any spam apps on the App store compared to the large number of spam apps on the android phone. See why some people love iPhones that much.

  7. 7 Apps look better

    The high quality standards Apple sets for developers makes sure that all apps look good on the iPhone. In addition to that, app developers are forced to create design themes that match the iPhone's overall theme.

  8. 8 Neatly organized interface

    The interface of the iPhone is neatly and cleanly organized. Some Android phones have messy interfaces that makes finding what a person wants much harder. See why some people hate Android phones.

  9. 9 Powerful camera

    The camera of the iPhone is more powerful than the cameras available in most phones.

  10. 10 Apps are released there first

    Many great apps are first released for iPhones before they are released for Android later.

  11. 11 Up to date software

    The iPhone forces users to stay updated with the latest software. This ensures that the phone's performance remains optimal.

  12. 12 Better hardware and software integration

    The iPhone's hardware works perfectly with its software, unlike Android phones where mismatches are likely to occur.

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