Why android users hate iPhone users?

Alex Williams
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  1. To fight back

  2. Because they Stereotype them

    As a result of the way Iphone users stereotype Android users some android users got pissed and started hating Apple users back.

  3. Because Humans are social animals

    Humans have a very strong need to belong to groups and tribes. As soon as a person belongs to a certain group he will go lengths to defend that group. Both People who own Andriod and Iphones defend their groups strongly and that’s why some clashes might happen between them.

  4. They don’t believe in a Closed source OS

    Some Andriod users love to tweak their phones and do whatever they want with it. They hate the fact that Apple has a closed source OS that prevents them from tweaking their phones the way they want (See why some people love iphones).

  5. They think they are snobs

    Just like Iphone users stereotype Andriod users the opposite also happens. Some Andriod users describe Iphone users as Lame snobs.

  6. It’s Much harder to get an App approved on the App stores

    Some people hate the fact that they can’t get their Apps easily approved on the App store. Because Apple uses very tight restrictions it can sometimes be hard to get an App approved on the App Store.

  7. Jealousy

    Apple Iphone is known to be much more expensive than most Andriod Phones. As a result some Andriod users might feel resentment towards Iphone users because of believing that they are of a better social class. This resentment can turn into hated easily. (See Why do people become jealous of others?)

  8. They don’t find the Iphone worth the hype

    Some Android users hate the fact that iPhone gets a lot of Hype. Those people believe that iPhones are not as good as people think they are. (See Why some people think the iPhone is the best phone?)

  9. They hate Apple

    Some Android users buy Android because they hate the Apple company itself. In such a case, their desire to stay away from Apple’s products is one of the main reasons that motivates them to buy Android Phones.

  10. They hate Apple’s restrictions

    Apple has very strict policies. People who want more freedom with their phones might prefer Android phones over Apple ones.

  11. To maintain their psychological identity

    Because products are usually an extension to the personality of the people who buy them an attack on a product is sometimes perceived as an attack on the owner by some people. People who feel that Iphone users attack them can hate them back.

  12. Apple Ads polarize people

    Apple ads are known to polarize people. The famous ad which starts with ‘Here is to the crazy ones’ is a good example of how Apple makes the people who use its products seem like geniuses while putting down others.

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