How to logout of email on iPhone 6?

How to Log Out of a Mail Account on an iPhone? How do I log out of my email on my iPhone 6?
How to logout of email on iPhone 6?
  1. Click on the Settings Icon

    Email settings can be accessed through the settings menu on the iPhone 6.

  2. Choose mail, contacts calendars

    After clicking on settings, click on the ‘mail, contacts, calendars’ option.

  3. Choose the email account you want

    The iPhone has separate settings for each mail account that you use. If, for example, you want to turn off yahoo mail, then choose the yahoo mail option.

  4. Turn the mail button off

    Inside the email account, you chose an icon for the mail account with a toggle button. Turn the toggle button off so that the mail is stopped.

  5. You won’t be able to log in

    If you want to log in again to your mail account, you will have to turn the toggle button again. (See Why do some people love iPhones that much?)

  6. Permanent deletion

    In the same menu, there is an option called ‘Delete Account’. This option will delete that email account for good.

  7. Repeat the steps for each email account

    If you have multiple email accounts, then repeat the steps for each of those accounts. (See Why people are buying the iPhone 7?)

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