Why people are buying the iPhone 7?

Why you should buy the iPhone 7 instead of iPhone XS or iPhone X? Why would you buy an iPhone 7?

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  1. 1 Better battery life

    A survey revealed that the number one reason people are buying the iPhone 7 is the promised longer battery life. 

  2. 2 Water resistance

    The same survey showed that 59% of the people bought the iPhone 7 due its being water resistant since mobile users like to carry their phones while at the beach or swimming pool.

  3. 3 Improved camera

    People are buying the iPhone 7 due its enhanced camera quality, as the iPhone 7 Plus comes with an impressive dual 12-mega pixel camera.

  4. 4 The addition of stereo speakers

    Apple added stereo speakers to the iPhone 7 which have enhanced the sound quality, allowing people to watch videos or have conference calls without compromising quality.

  5. 5 Larger internal capacity

    People are buying the iPhone 7 as it provides a larger internal capacity, which allows users to store many more images, songs and videos.

  6. 6 Its sleek style

    People are praising the jet black iPhone 7 that has a sleek, matte style, which is the reason 23% of the people are upgrading their phones. (See Why do some people love iPhones that much?)

  7. 7 Bigger screen

    Some people have bought the iPhone 7 due its large screen which allows them to view media better, play games and watch videos/movies.

  8. 8 A sign of wealth

    Some people like to be up to date with the recent iPhone releases as a sign of social status and wealth. (See Why is the iPhone so expensive?)

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80 shares, 502 points

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