Why Some People Never Exercise?

What are some reasons people don’t exercise? Why Some People Never Exercise?
  1. They Don’t Have Time

    Some people who don’t exercise say they don’t have time due to their busy schedule.

  2. They Don’t Have Energy

    People who work, have children and other responsibilities might not have enough energy to exercise regularly.

  3. They’re Interested In Other Activities

    Some people prefer to do other activities than exercise when they have free time such as playing video games.

  4. They Can’t Commit To It

    Some people try including exercise in their daily life but are unable to make it a habit and stick to it.

  5. They Lack Motivation

    Some people, especially those that are slim, might have no reason to exercise, as they don’t see benefit of maintaining an active lifestyle. (See How can Creatine help my Workout?)

  6. They Don’t Know Where To Start

    Some people wish to start exercising but don’t know how to take the first step, especially if they’re unfamiliar with the type of exercises that can be done.

  7. Lack Of Energy Due To Diet

    Some people’s diets affect them negatively if they don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables. In this case, the lack of energy is a result of their poor diet.

  8. They Don’t Think They’re In Good Shape

    Some people who are obese or suffer from medical conditions might think they’re unfit to exercise and prefer not to overwork themselves. (See How to strengthen your core muscles?)

  9. They Have No Access To Gyms

    Some people blame their lack of physical activity on the unavailability of gyms near their homes.

  10. They Don’t See Instant Results

    Some people get discouraged from exercising when they try it and don’t see instant results.

  11. They Don’t Want To Get Out Of Their Comfort Zone

    Some people don’t like getting out of their comfort zone and prefer not to bother themselves with new lifestyle changes.

  12. They Find It Uncomfortable

    Some people don’t like to exercise because they don’t like to sweat, the weather is too hot, they don’t like the feeling of sore muscles or because they get blisters and calluses.

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