How can Creatine help my Workout?

How can Creatine help my Workout? Health and Performance Benefits of Creatine

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  1. 1 It will give you much more energy

    Creatine helps the body produce more energy when the normal energy production mechanism is unable to keep up with the energy demands. Some people consider creatine to be a backup generator for the body that generates energy when needed.

  2. 2 Increases muscle hypertrophy

    Creatine increases muscle hypertrophy. It helps the muscles store more water and as a result people tend to look bigger. The fact that it helps muscles look bigger makes it popular among bodybuilders.

  3. 3 When taken 1 hour before a workout, it can increase performance

    Creatine is naturally produced in the body. However, it can run out when energy demands exceed certain limits. When taken 1 hour before a workout, the body can absorb it and use it when needed during the workout to provide extra energy.

  4. 4 When taken after a workout, it can help muscles recover faster

    After a workout, the creatine in the body could be depleted and this is why taking creatine after a workout can also be a good idea to help muscles recover.

  5. 5 It can cause dehydration

    Because Creatine allows muscles to absorb more water, it can cause dehydration if a person doesn't drink enough water. To avoid this effect, make sure you drink plenty of water if you are going to consume creatine before a workout.

  6. 6 Some studies claim that creatine boosts mental functions

    Some studies claim that creatine boosts some mental functions like memory. Anything that makes the brain more alert can help in recurring more muscle fibers to lift heavy weights and increase performance.

  7. 7 Sometimes it might not work

    There are cases where creatine can't work. If your body already produces enough creatine or if it can't absorb the dose you took, then you might not experience any affects after taking it. Studies have shown that older people, above 60, don't experience any benefits when taking creatine.

  8. 8 More strength & stamina

    Creatine can help give a person more strength and allow him to lift heavier weights. Those who consume creatine report being able to lift more and do more reps.

  9. 9 Strength jolt

    Creatine can increase power, especially when the exercise routine has plenty of heavy weight, short rep exercises.

  10. 10 Can increase testosterone

    A study has found that creatine can increase testosterone when taken consistently on a daily basis.

  11. 11 Might prevent muscle loss

    Creatine might prevent muscle loss or slow it down if a person consumes it while resting because of an injury.

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