Why some people don’t like my profile picture on Facebook?

Why your profile picture doesn't get a lot of likes on Facebook | Why some people don't like my profile picture on Facebook?

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  1. 1 They are not close friends

    Some people don't like the pictures of posts of the people they don't know well. If a person is a friend on a social network but they don't know you well then they might not like your pictures. See why some people never like your posts.

  2. 2 They don't want to be misunderstood

    Many people might might refrain from liking your pictures because they don't want to be misunderstood. One person for example might not like your profile picture not to let you think that they have a crush on you.

  3. 3 They think you have enough likes

    Some people don't like pictures that have too many likes. In such a case those people believe that you have enough likes and so they refrain from liking it.

  4. 4 They don't like the picture

    People can simply choose not to like your profile picture because they do not like it. If someone liked some of your pictures but not others then probably it means that they liked some pictures but not others.

  5. 5 They didn't see it

    Some people might miss some of your posts because they logged at different times or because of Facebook's algorithm. See also why Facebook doesn't show all posts.

  6. 6 They unfollowed you

    If a person unfollowed you earlier then they won't see any kind of post that you make. This includes the photos that you post. See also why people unfollow others on Social networks.

  7. 7 They don't like something about the picture

    A person can refrain from liking a profile picture because they don't like one thing about the picture. A person for example might not like your picture if you took a photo with a person that they don't like. See also why people share certain photos on social networks.

  8. 8 You don't like their posts

    Some people only like the posts of others if they like their own posts. If you don't like a person's posts then they might not like your posts or pictures.

  9. 9 They are jealous of you

    Jealousy can prevent people from liking the pictures of others. If someone thinks that you are too attractive or popular and they got jealous then they might not like your pictures.

  10. 10 They don't come online

    Some people have Facebook accounts but they are not active users. Those people can easily miss your pictures and posts because they don't log often.

  11. 11 They are not in the mood

    People can like more posts when they are in the mood. According to psychologists when a person feels good they are more likely to like the posts of others. See why some people change their profile pictures often.

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