Why some people change their profile picture often?

People who keep changing their profile pictures can be insecure, lack confidence, and can't make decisions easily.

  1. 1 They are attention seekers

    While some people change their profile pictures, other people give attention to the changed profile picture. In order to grab the attention of others, some people change their profile pictures frequently.

  2. 2 They get bored of their existing profile picture

    Some people change the profile picture as they have got bored of the routine due to which they cannot keep the same profile picture for a very long time. 

  3. 3 They might be narcissists

    It is not like all narcissists change their profile pictures often, but some narcissists who are much concerned about their looks and want to get the approval of others to feed their egos may go for changing their profile picture routinely.

  4. 4 They have a histrionic personality disorder

    A person who is suffering from a historic personality disorder gets bored with the pattern and the routine, and always looks forward to doing new things in life. These types of people may also go for changing their profile picture repeatedly.

  5. 5 They are confused

    They may be inefficient to make a decision and always end up getting unsatisfied with the choices they make. This is why they may keep on changing their profile pictures every now and then. (See Why some people have multiple Facebook accounts?)

  6. 6 They are insecure about their looks

    Some people are not sure how good they look. They think that they are not appreciated how much they deserve. Basically, they are insecure and want to get the approval of their looks every now and then, which makes them change their profile picture periodically. (See Why do people care about looks?)

  7. 7 They are self-obsessed

    Some people are obsessed with their looks, due to which they keep on changing their profile pictures frequently.

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