Why Playstation 4 is good?

Why PlayStation 4 is a great first console? Why Playstation 4 is good? What’s good about PlayStation 4?
  1. High resolution graphics

    The PlayStation 4 has high resolution graphics, up to 1080 P. This makes the games more interesting and realistic.

  2. Realistic games

    The PS4 has very high quality games that seem very realistic. The realism of those games makes the experience very immersive.

  3. Exclusive titles

    The Playstation 4 has some great exclusive titles that are only available for the PlayStation platform. Many of the exclusive titles are very good.

  4. Large online community

    The PlayStation 4 has a large online community. The device perfectly supports online games and can thus be used for multiplayer games easily.

  5. Acts as a media center

    The PlayStation 4 doesn’t only support games, but it’s also a full media center that allows people to watch videos, go on the internet and do other things.

  6. Supports VR

    The new PlayStation VR headset works with the PlayStation 4 and it allows players to play virtual reality games. (See How Virtual Reality (VR) affects the eyesight?)

  7. Superior graphics

    The PlayStation 4 has superior graphics compared to the PlayStation 3. The great graphics make games appear more realistic and immersive.

  8. Better support

    The PlayStation 4 sold many more copies than the Xbox. This gives the device wider support, a larger community and a better number of publishers who are willing to make good games.

  9. Incredible games

    The PlayStation 4 has many games that were described as incredible by hardcore gamers. The gamers praised the depth, the graphics and stories of those games.

  10. Has powerful hardware

    The PlayStation 4 has very powerful hardware compared to previous PlayStation generations. This makes the game play smoother and the graphics more realistic.

  11. Much better controller

    The PlayStation 4 controller is superior to the PlayStation 3 controller. With Bluetooth support, the gaming experience became much better. (See Why does the PlayStation move controller change color?)

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