Why people sometimes don’t accept friend requests?

Alex Williams
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  1. They didn’t login

  2. They get too many requests

    When a person gets too many requests, they might overlook one of the requests. If a person doesn’t check Facebook often and gets too many requests, by the time they check again they might only see the most recent requests.

  3. They don’t know you well

    Many people don’t allow someone to get close to them or see their private information if they don’t know them well. If you sent the request too early, the person might not accept it. Some people don’t trust others fast.

  4. They don’t know you

    A large number of people, especially women, don’t accept Facebook requests of people that they don’t know in real life. If you send a friend request to someone without knowing them, they might ignore it.

  5. They are not interested

    If you make it obvious to someone that you like them and they didn’t accept your friend request, it might mean that they are not interested in you.

  6. They are interested in you

    Sometimes people don’t accept friend requests of the people they are interested in order not to show them that they are interested. In such a case, not accepting the friend request can be a positive sign.

  7. Not to seem easy to get

    Some people, especially women, decide to accept friend requests later on in order not to seem easy to get. Those people will accept the friend request but after some time passes.

  8. They don’t like you

    A person might not accept the friend request of the ones they don’t like. If your friend request was not accepted, it might be possible that they don’t like you. (See Why do people unfollow me on social networks?)

  9. Your profile doesn’t have a picture

    Some people get annoyed by Facebook accounts that don’t have a real picture or a real name. In such a case, they might never accept the friend request of that person because they don’t know who they are.

  10. They think you are a stalker

    Many people, especially women, don’t accept friend requests of people they consider stalkers. Some people might not be comfortable allowing a stranger to see their pictures or know their news. (See How to tell if someone is stalking you on Facebook?)

  11. No common friends

    Many people only check the requests of the ones who have common friends with them while ignoring most of the other requests.

  12. They are above the friend limit

    Famous people might have already exceeded the friend limit on Facebook, which is 5000. If a person has exceeded the limit or if they are close to doing so, they might be very selective when accepting requests.

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