Why is Your Small Finger Called a Pinky?

What does a small pinky finger mean? Why is the small finger called the “pinky”?
  1. Origin

    In 1808, John Jamieson claimed that the term pinky has originated from Scotland. However, why precisely, the small finger is found pinky. Now, the researchers realized that the answer to this question could easily be found once they fetch the details of the older sense of the word ‘pinky’. When explored thoroughly, they found that the word ‘pinky’ is derived from the Dutch word pink (not connected with the colour pink), which means ‘Little Finger.’ (See How many bones in the human body?)

  2. It’s called pinky because of the Dutch word

    Now that you know the story, you would have also got to know that the moniker pinky was not derived because this finger is pinkish in colour. But, only because of the extensive use of this Dutch word. (See How much blood is in Your Body?)

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