Why is American Gods a good series?

Is American Gods worth watching? Is American Gods a good show? Why is American Gods a good series?
  1. It’s based on Neil Gaiman’s book

    The series is based on one of Neil Gaiman’s 2001 bestseller books, ِِِِِِAmerican Gods. The events in the book are turned into trippy and peculiar scenes.

  2. The writing is good

    The good writing of the well-acknowledged TV writers Bryan Fuller and Michael Green combined with the direction of David Slade, who was eager to turn the book into a series since 2005, made the show very successful.

  3. The cast is good

    The starring of the elected cast and some famous actors in the TV sector made it one of the things that the loyal audience were eager for it to come out.

  4. It explores the definition of worship

    The series explores the definition of worship from the side of ancient religions on one hand, and modern cultures dealing with it on the other.

  5. It stars Gill Anderson

    Gillian Anderson plays a major role in the television sector. The media has high hopes in her role in the show and many people see her as an icon of acting.

  6. Anderson’s acting is good

    In one of the episodes, ‘Lemon Scented You’, Anderson played a very significant role where she wears costumes of David Bowie in one of his most iconic looks.

  7. It reveals the new gods

    In the show, you will see modern-like gods; bright shiny gods that use technology, media, telephone and finance, the things that Americans are giving too much attention.

  8. It’s about war between old and new gods

    The beginning of the series reveals a war between old gods of ancient religion and modern time gods, which creates a very ominous-shadowy theme.

  9. It has great visual style

    The dazzling visual style that fuller created included wide shots of highly saturated pleasant views and skies full of numerous stars. (See Why do people binge-watch TV shows?)

  10. McShane’s acting was good

    Some reviewers described McShane as a star that brings gravita to whatever role he takes. In American gods, he played his role in a very good way.

  11. It’s a straight adaptation of the novel

    Everything featured in the book will be found in the series, except for a few lines that Gaiman selected and some other by the show runners only to appeal to TV viewers. (See Why novel and bizarre things catch your attention?)

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