Why Dubai is called the impossible city?

Alex Williams
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  1. Buildings that seem impossible to build

  2. The tallest building in the world

    Dubai has the tallest building in the world, Burj khalifa, which is around 830 meters high according to Wikipedia.

  3. Has the largest artificial island

    Dubai has the largest artificial island in the world, Palm Jumeirah, which resembles the looks of a palm tree when viewed from a plane. The island is so large that it can be seen from space.

  4. Mega structures

    Dubai has many tall buildings and mega structures that pop up in the middle of the desert. This is another factor that contributed to its name.

  5. The rotating tower

    The rotating tower, or dynamic tower, is a large tower in Dubai where each floor can rotate on its own in a 360 degree scale. The shape of the tower can change throughout the day.

  6. It’s in the middle of the desert

    Dubai is a desert city. The fact that all of these strange buildings and complex structures stand out in the middle of the desert has made the city seem like an impossible city.

  7. Everything seems possible

    The fact that Dubai’s architecture challenges the common norm makes it seem like anything can be possible in Dubai. (See Why Paris is the city of Love?)

  8. Ice skiing in the desert

    Dubai has built the largest indoor skiing resort in the world, Ski Dubai, to allow people to ice skate even though the city is located in the desert.

  9. Broke many world records

    Dubai’s buildings and structures have broke many world records, thus making the city seem like an impossible city.

  10. The world’s biggest shopping mall

    Dubai has the world’s largest shopping mall which has a total area of 5.9 million square feet.

  11. Plans for more impossible projects

    Dubai’s government has planned for more impossible projects and announced some of them to the public. Those projects also helped give Dubai its name. (See Why do people like to go to Croatia?)

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