Why do people like to go to Croatia?

Why Go to Croatia? Top 13 Reasons to Travel to Croatia | Reasons to visit Croatia – the amazing country in the Balkans
  1. It’s hot

    People who live in cold weathers like to enjoy some of the sunshine in Croatia during the months of summer. In may and June Croatians enjoy a 12 hour of sunshine a day and a 13-hour of sunshine in August and July.

  2. The trip is affordable

    Despite that Croatia is part of the EU, the country kept its currency, the kuna. And because many currencies has experienced a great deviation against the euro, the kuna currency works perfectly for tourists from around the globe.

  3. To visit it’s historical place

    Croatia has one of the oldest roman ruins, the remains of Diocletian’s Palace in Split, which was one of Game of thrones shooting locations along side with Dubrovnik, which was the main shooting location of the series.

  4. It has a great amphitheater

    Istria has one the finest roman amphiteatres in the world, one of the interesting things Croatians enjoy is the film festivals held there, where screenings are organised in the middle of the ruins of the amphitheater.

  5. Its amazing beaches

    Croatia has the clearest beaches in Pola, Rab, zadar and lopar. Zalti rat is used in many brochures because it adorns them with its shore beauty.

  6. The national parks

    Croatia has 8 national parks like the Unesco-listed Plitvice Lakes and Krka. they both have amazing lakes and outstanding waterfalls.

  7. The mountains next to the sea

    Croatia has one of the highest mountains, Sveti Jure at 1,762m height and it lies just a few miles from the sea.

  8. It has one of the most peculiar museums

    Broken Relationship, has one of the most peculiar features and insignificant objects that is accompanied by captions that explains relevance in a failed relationship.

  9. The summer festivals

    Croatia has a number of outdoor summer festival best know as Dubrovnik Summer Festival which start from mid-July until mid-August. (See Why traveling is good for you?)

  10. They have party towns

    Hvar Town and Rab Town are the best places in Croatia to stay out late for partying. People who tend more to spend times in bars and clubs like to go visit those cities first.

  11. Its the birth place of Marco polo

    Korcula is the birth place of the legendary writer Marco polo. Korcula is a perfect city for visiting impressive medieval old town.

  12. The dolphins

    In the west coast of Istria people can spot a pod of dolphins in the middle of the water, which could be very amusing for tourists visiting the city.

  13. To see king’s Landing

    Some people like to go to Croatia to see the famous spot of King’s landings from the famouns Game of thrones TV show. (See Why Vacation are Important?)

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