Why do People Sag Their Pants?

Alex Williams
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  1. To emulate their idols

    Various people do this as they see their favorites doing it. Therefore they love copying the fashion that their idols do. In today’s time, people have made a culture of doing what they see is in trend. Mainly, the rappers dress in this way, and their fan thinks that it looks good, so they also do it.

  2. To look fashionable

    Numerous individuals do this as they do not want to look outdated. Even if they dislike any trend, they still follow it to show that they have all the fashion sense. Notably, in teens, acceptance is vital. Sometimes, they get to join a group if they dress up in a particular manner.

  3. Satisfaction

    Various people wear or follow such a trend as they get pleasure for following the latest trend or wearing such clothes. Also, some people do this to get along with people and show that they have all the knowledge about the recent fashion trend. These kinds of people stop doing it as soon as fashion ends.

  4. To appear tough or cool

    This is another reason why people sag their pants as they want to show that they are so cool or formidable. There is a story that style originated in prison, don’t know if this story is right or not. The lesson behind this story is that many gangs dress up in a similar manner. The same goes for young people; they want to follow all the trends as it shows that they are pretty cool.

  5. To express oneself

    Various people do this as they like it and they want to follow it. They are carefree of what others might think of their style; the clothes become their way of expressing themselves. They do not follow any trend but wear any sort of clothes because they enjoy doing it.

  6. Varying options

    Different people have different opinions about the same style. The same goes for sagging pants, a lot of people say that wearing them if fine but these people cross the limit when their underwear starts shoeing up. Also, people have the opinion that it means some sort of sexual invitation. (See What makes a woman physically attractive to a man?)

  7. Bad experience

    Because of the varying opinions, people had various bad experiences too, as people say that it is an invitation to trouble. The reason behind it is that many innocent teenagers dressed up the same way and became the suspects or were harassed.

  8. Style is comfort

    On the whole, there are many reasons people sag their pants, but it is all up to you. One should follow any trend if they feel it is beautiful and comfortable. If you do not fancy it, then do not follow it. Decide what looks good on you, then follow it. (See Why do women wear tight clothes?)

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