Why do women wear tight clothes?

Why do women wear tight or sexy clothes? Why do so many women dress in tight leggings or jeans?

  1. 1 To grab people’s attention

    Some women are attention seekers and want to grab the attention of other people by wearing tight clothes. 

  2. 2 They find it comfortable

    Some women may find wearing tight clothes more comfortable as they get habitual then and do not prefer wearing loose and baggy clothes.

  3. 3 To show off their body

    Flaunting their body is the primary motive for some women behind the idea of wearing tight clothes.

  4. 4 It’s in fashion

    Some women think that tight clothes do not only suit their personality, but it's in fashion.

  5. 5 To seduce men

    In order to impress men, women wear tight clothes. They also think that most women who wear tight clothes. (See What makes a woman physically attractive to a man?)

  6. 6 To accentuate their curves

    Women who are gym freaks and have macular/curvy bodies, mostly wear tight clothes.

  7. 7 They think it’s feminine

    Some women think that they would not look feminine in loose clothes, that 's why they prefer to opt for tight clothes.

  8. 8 To do sports

    Most sportswomen wear tight clothes that enhance their performance by enabling them to do sports in a better and faster way.

  9. 9 Due to peer pressure

    Some women are forced to wear tight clothes just because their close pals are wearing them. (See How peer pressure may influence an individual?)

  10. 10 It's a ubiquitous style in their country

    When in Rome, do as Romans do. They follow the old saying and because of the place they are living in, they mostly wear tight clothes and prefer wearing the same.

  11. 11 To boost their confidence

    Some women think that wearing tight clothes makes them look good, which increases their confidence.

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