Why do people post everything about their lives on Facebook?

  1. They are attention seekers

    Attention seekers might do anything to grab the attention of others. This desire to grab attention might motivate those people to keep posting anything that happens to them on social networks.

  2. They are easily provoked

    People who are easily provoked are more likely to speak about the things that triggered their emotions. Those people are more likely to share everything online.

  3. They are narcissists

    Not all narcissists share their personal life details with others, but some of them do. A narcissist believes that they are very important and so they believe that everything they say or share is of extreme importance.

  4. They are lonely

    According to psychologists, a person might post many details about their lives if they feel lonely. Those people might do so in order to connect with others and experience some intimacy.

  5. They have over-active brains

    People who have an overly active medial prefrontal cortex, the area responsible for personality expression, might be hardwired to share more. Some scientists believe that those people are hardwired to be this way.

  6. They don’t have privacy concerns

    Some people don’t have any kind of privacy concerns. Those people don’t mind sharing every little detail about themselves online. (See Why Do People Care About Online Privacy?)

  7. They have a self-regulation problem

    A person who has a self-regulation problem might find it hard to prevent themselves from sharing private information of themselves online.

  8. They are overly trusting

    People who trust others very easily might have no problem posting private information about themselves online.

  9. They are insecure

    People who post very often might be insecure about themselves and their self-image. Those people might keep posting in order to change other’s opinion of them. (See Why some people fear intimacy?)

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