Why do people love LEGO?

Alex Williams
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  1. A tool for creative self expression

  2. Let sets cover every popular characters, movies or shows that show up. As soon as a new movie becomes popular or a new super hero appeals to the public, Lego sets with that theme follow. This makes Lego very interesting compared to many other similar products.

  3. Lego decoration elements make them look much better than competitors

    Lego sets have so many decoration elements like trees, treasure boxes, small coins, glasses and so many other elements. This makes the Lego experience very unique compared to the products produced by other competitors that just focus on building a basic structure.

  4. Very interesting mechanics

    Some Lego blocks have very interesting mechanics and this allows building complex things such as moving doors, rotating engines, forklifts and many more. This differentiates Lego blocks from the many competing products that only allow people to build still structures.

  5. Lego blocks are very detailed

    Lego blocks are very detailed compared to most other competitors. This allows the creation of complex shapes and more realistic looking toys. This is also one reason why some adults like Lego blocks.

  6. Legos have characters

    Unlike many other block building games Legos have characters. People don’t just build Lego structures then leave them but they do play with them for sometime. The fact that most Lego sets have characters turned them into toys that people can play with after building things. (See Why some people like Minions?)

  7. For both males and females

    Because almost anything can be built with Legos and because Lego sets cover almost all trends and preferences, Legos appeal to both males and females.

  8. Appeals to adults

    So many adults like Legos. Some adults have built very complex Lego shapes and structures. Nostalgia is also one reason why some adults are connected to Legos. They grew up with Lego blocks and that’s why they remind them of the good old days. (See Why Do People Love Anime?)

  9. One set can create infinite toys

    One Lego set can be used to create so many toys. A kid can hardly get bored of a large Lego set because of the infinite possibilities he can create with it.

  10. Nostalgia

    Some Adults buy Lego toys for their kids because it reminds them of old days. Lego has been around for so long, some old people living now used to play with them when they were little kids.

  11. Lego blocks look distinct

    Lego blocks look very different from most other competitors. This helped the Lego brand become recognizable and very strong.

  12. Brilliant marketing

    The Lego company has been doing a great job in marketing by creating interesting competitions, creating a Lego set that covers each popular trend and by even creating a movie made with Lego shapes.

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