Why do people criticize others?

Alex Williams
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  1. Because they are jealous

  2. To feel good about themselves

    Some people criticize others to feel good about themselves. The desire to feel better than others can motivate psychologically unbalanced people to criticize others.

  3. Because they love them

    Sometimes people criticize others because they love them. This is very common with parents. Parents might criticize their children because they love them, and want them to improve.

  4. Because they want them to change

    Some people criticize others because they want them to change to the better. If a person doesn’t know how to change someone he will try to criticize him to motivate him to change.

  5. Because they were criticized as children

    If a person grew up in a home where he was always criticized, he will do the same to people. The voices inside that person’s head will keep repeating themselves and as a result he will spit his thoughts out in the form of criticizm.

  6. Because they are tough on themselves

    What people say is a reflection of their own self-perception. If a person always criticizes himself, he will always criticize others. This is the way that this person’s mind works.

  7. Because they are mean

    Mean people criticize others with the goal of making them feel bad about themselves. Mean people know that criticism hurts and so they use it to hurt others.

  8. To demonstrate power

    Sometimes a person would criticize another person just to demonstrate his power.

  9. To demonstrate knowledge

    Some people criticize others to demonstrate their knowledge and to prove that they know more.

  10. To deny their own flaws

    Some people accuse others of things they themselves do, in order to deny their own flaws. It’s very common for a hypocrite to say that other people are hypocrites. By saying so he prevents himself from ever seeing his own personal flaws.

  11. Because they are afraid

    Most people lack courage. If a person attempts to do something differently, there is a very big possibility that his friends will criticize him and even try to stop him. This usually happens when a person decides to start a business and tells his friends. (See What are the body language signs of fear?)

  12. To release hatred

    When a person hates someone he might criticize him in order to release some of the hatred present towards that person.

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