Why Do I Hate My Self?

What is Self-hatred? Why does a Person hate themselves? What are its Symptoms and How to stop hating your life?

Every single person in this world is fighting their battles. We do not even have an idea about what the other person is facing or dealing with. You, too, get overwhelmed by guilt, to the point that you hate yourself for what you did. Sometimes you even wonder, why do I hate my self? Today you will learn to figure out self hatred symptoms and how to not hate your life.

1. What is Self-hatred?

The feeling of loathing and hating oneself is termed self-hatred. According to psychologists, self-hatred is the term preferably used to describe people who have low self-esteem and hate themselves. It is a psychological condition that arises due to certain factors. (See What is Ideal Self and Real Self?)

2. Why do I hate myself?

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Several reasons are responsible for this psychological disorder. Sometimes a person’s inner wars lead to such conditions. However, unrealistic expectations, comparing, excess self-criticism, past mistakes, habits, the feeling of being out of place, and mental instability are responsible if you are feeling self-hatred. (See What is Narcissistic Rage Silent Treatment?)

3. What impact do Unrealistic Expectations have?

You are constantly setting up the bar for yourself and every time you are unable to reach it, you feel like a loser. This feeling develops hatred inside you. Sometimes, the expectations of your close ones like your parents or family, and your inability to fulfill those expectations leads to self-hatred. Also, check out what do You Want in Your Life?

4. How does Comparing affect?

This is something that constantly affects you from your childhood till the day you die. It is human nature to compare their shortcomings with other people’s blessings. Sometimes parents compare their kids with other kids and sometimes you compare your achievements, success, etc. with someone else who is more successful than you. This develops an inferiority complex, leading to self-hatred. If this continues, unknowingly you might think, why do I hate my self? (See What is Personalization Cognitive Distortion?)

5. How does Self-Criticism affects?

 As we are discussing why do I hate my self, it is good to notice your mistakes and take the necessary steps to rectify them. But if you are letting these mistakes take over your mind and make you feel guilty about every possible worst thing happening, then it is the problem. If you are blaming your mistakes for the cause of every problem, you are beginning to hate yourself. Must read the 20 reasons people break up.

6. Why do Past Mistakes affect you?

Everyone makes mistakes because it is human nature. But if you are holding a grudge against yourself for making that one mistake in your past, then you are at a loss. You are not focusing on the experience and lessons learned. And this is developing hatred in your mind for yourself. (See What to Do When You Feel Like a Failure?)

7. Can Self-hatred be habitual?

Yes, it can be habitual if you have been looking down on yourself for a long time. But it can also be habitual if you have grown up in such an environment where your family always puts you down. You have faced situations where your good was always bad and your success was always of no good to your family. (See How to Deal With Family Members Who Put You Down?)

8. What is it Feeling Out of the Place?

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Sometimes, being lonely for long periods develops assumptions in your mind. Like it is said, an empty mind is the house of the devil. Similarly, when you are alone, your mind lingers in all directions, and when you start thinking about your mistakes and all you turn towards blaming yourself. And this journey ends ultimately in hating yourself at the end. Must read about the woes of the bored and lonely mind.

9. How does Mental Health gets directly affected?

If you are going through a rough phase in your life, you probably face depression and anxiety. As per experts, depression generates feelings of hopelessness, guilt, and shame. All these take over you and make you feel that you are not good enough and you will definitely wonder why do I hate my self. (See How to Heal Yourself Emotionally?)

10. What are the Self Hatred symptoms?

Why do I hate my self so much? If you can relate to the things mentioned above, then it is time to take a look at the symptoms to make things clearer.

  • You are always harsh on yourself and your inner voice is always shaming you. For example, I am stupid. I do not deserve this. I cannot have this, etc.
  • You are always sitting in drooping or poor posture. Like as if you do not belong here.
  • You are not interested in your well-being and health. You do not take medicine when sick and often skip your meals.
  • You are always depressed or suffering from anxiety.
  • You have anger issues and prefer self-isolation. Also, check out the 14 reasons why I like to be alone.
  • You are not giving yourself a chance to be happy and you are always ready for self-harm.
  • You are not interested in anyone’s advice, but you feel like a victim all the time.
  • You feel hopeless, aimless, with a defeatist mindset.
  • You have an addiction to drugs, smoking, social media, etc. You are ready for self-martyr. 

11. How to not Hate your Life?

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Life is a beautiful gift from the Almighty. But some situations and circumstances lead you to hate this gift. But it is never too late to get on the right track if you want. Take a look at the below measures, I am sure they will help you to love yourself once again. 

  • Start Journaling and meditation: Through journaling, you will keep a record of your day and the feelings you felt about yourself. This will help you understand the triggers and patterns to resolve things slowly. Meditation will break your connection from your negative mindset for a while. Regular practice will reduce the negative impact of your inner voice on yourself. (See How to Stay in the Present?)
  • Practice Self-compassion and self-care: Take small steps and recall all the good things you did, your achievements, your blessings, and your family or loved ones. All these things will help you to realize your importance. Instead of neglecting, start caring for yourself and your health. Take care of yourself in ways, like eating healthy, sleeping well, exercising, talking, and dine-out, hanging out with friends, going shopping, etc. Whatever makes you feel pampered, you should do it. At least do one kind thing for yourself every day. 
  • Respond to your inner critic: Moving ahead of why do I hate my self, it is time to argue with your inner critic about things it is saying to you. If you cannot find it reasonable, then try to imagine how your reliable family member or friend would have reacted if they heard someone talking bad about you. 
  • Spend time with optimistic people: Hang out or befriend people who believe in the good side of you. They do not criticize you for what you did but they encourage you to do better from now onwards. Try to listen to what they are trying to advise you. Because sometimes their opinion makes you feel valued and you understand that you are good. 
  • Express your self-hatred: There is always a better way to do things that is safe too. In this context, you can paint, write (songs, poetry, etc.), sketch, or write a story. Express it creatively. 
  • Re-frame beliefs: It is a way to change your beliefs about yourself. For example, if you keep on saying I am worthless. It is time to start saying I am worthy. Instead of believing I am unlovable, think I am loveable. To know more about it, must read how do I learn to love myself?
  • Seek help from a therapist: It is totally up to you because you know when the red flag is up. After all, you have the answer to why do I hate my self. But in my opinion, if you feel depressed or you feel something is affecting your mental well-being, then you should visit a therapist. It is better to not delay and wait for circumstances to get worse. 

It is time to share this article with someone who often asks why do I hate my self. Share and spread awareness about self hatred symptoms and ways how to not hate your life. (Also read How to Call in Sick at Walmart?)

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