Why are Zoos important?

What is the purpose of zoos and why are they important? Why Zoos are critically important for conservation?

Almost everyone visits a zoo in a lifetime particularly when you are a kid or take your kid for fun and entertainment. The full form of the zoo is a zoological park or garden. It comprises various kinds of animals and birds; it also has some wildlife species as well such as crocodiles, snakes, gorillas, lion, and gorillas.

  1. 1 Recreation

    Another significant reason why the zoo is important is that people who own such facilities use it to entertain visitors and guests. In return for this entertainment and experience, visitors pay them some amount. People love going to a zoo as they can watch animals from very close plus it is entirely safe.

  2. 2 Relaxing and fun experience

    A lot of people enjoy visiting the zoo as they find it very relaxing. In fact, various adults take their kids along to the zoo as it is a great outing plus it also educates children about different kinds of animals. Additionally, people love it as it brings them close to nature which has become pretty rare considering the impact of urbanization.

  3. 3 Conservation

    This is the main focus area in a zoo, particularly for species that are threatened or at risk of extinction. Throughout history, numerous elements have led to the demise of some animal species. Therefore, in the zoo, they keep endangered species in captivity and run various programs for their safety.

  4. 4 Research

    This is another excellent reason why zoos are vital as they are efficient means for research. In the nineteenth century, the study started within an artificial and contained environment. By doing this, they got to know more about the vital aspects of animals, including their behavior, anatomy, and psychology.

  5. 5 Means of education

    The, not only the zoo is an excellent place for recreational purposes. Still, it is also considered as an effective way of educating people in the aspect of conservation and other ecological terms. There are various classrooms and educational departments that are built to accomplish these noble aims. 

  6. 6 Safe environment

    Various zoos provide a safe environment for animals who have been mistreated in circuses or have been abandoned. Therefore, they not only safety to endangered species but also to abused and banished ones as well. (See Why are zoos bad for animals?)

  7. 7 Support international breeding programmes

    There are a lot of zoos that help find the mates for endangered or wild species so that their population increases. Also, they provide them with an environment where they can live and breed in a secure environment. These breeding programmes help in protecting them and also release them in the wild so that their genetic diversity increases. (See Why are the Bottlenose Dolphins becoming endangered?)

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