Where do Animals Live?

How do Animals Live? Do Animals Live in Land? What is the Home of Animals? What is the Name of Animals House? Where do Dogs Live?

The earth is a magnificent place housing thousands in fact millions of different species inside it. Humans are part of superior species roaming around on this earth. Another distinct group of organisms that are very known on this planet is animals. Humans and animals have interacted with each other since the start of life and thus you know a lot of animals. Like, how they look, what they eat, what their temperament is like, etc. But not many folks know where do animals live or how do animals live. If you are unaware of these facts then this is a must-read article for you.

1. How do Animals Live?

Before understanding where do animals live, let us first see how do animals live. Just like humans, animals need food, water, shelter, and space to live. Their nutrition depends on whether they are herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores. They live according to how they can get their food and water in close reach and also a place where they can protect themselves and their offspring. (See What Animals Live in Swamps?)

2. Where do Animals Live?

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Just as humans are found in different parts of the world, animals are also found in every part of it. So, where do animals live? They can live in rivers, seas, mountains, lakes, etc. They even live in extreme places like the Arctic. They generally inhabit where the weather is suitable for them and food is in abundance for them.

All the habitats in the world can be broadly divided into two types of habitat called terrestrial habitats and aquatic habitats.

Terrestrial habitats are the habitats present on the land surface. Here the animals use their lungs to breathe in oxygen. This habitat is further divided into:


  • Temperate- has animals like red foxes, white-tailed deer, etc.
  • Tropical- has animals like jaguars, capybaras, mountain gorillas, etc.
  • Boreal- has animals like lemmings, grizzly bears, elk, etc.


  • Tropical Grasslands- have zebras, giraffes, elephants, etc.
  • Temperate Grasslands- have coyotes, badgers, etc.


  • Hot and Dry Deserts- have Mexican coyotes, thorny devil lizards, fennec foxes, etc
  • Cold Desert- mule deer, Arctic fox, bison, etc.
  • Coastal Desert- has coyotes, snakes, etc.
  • Semi-Arid Desert- has animals like rabbits, skunks, kangaroo rats, etc.


  • Ponds- have geese, turtles, ducks, etc.
  • Marshes- have beavers, meerkats, raccoons, etc.
  • Swamps- have raccoons, minks, white-tailed deer, etc.
  • Peat Bogs- have insects, insect-eating birds, frogs, turtles, etc.

Aquatic habitats are the habitats present in water. Here the animal respire to the dissolved oxygen in the water. These habitats are divided into freshwater and marine habitats.


  • Demersal Habitats- have eels, rattails, hagfish, lumpfish, etc.
  • Pelagic Habitats- have sharks, tunas, octopuses, jellyfish, etc.


  • Lakes- have beavers, turtles, snakes, fish, alligators, etc.
  • Rivers- amphibians, otters, crocodiles, etc.

3. Do Animals Live in Land?

Now that you are aware of where do animals live, you might wonder if they also live on land. Yes, animals do live on land and such animals are called terrestrial animals. These animals use their lungs to breathe in oxygen. Some use their legs to walk while some use their wings and fly. Terrestrial animals live in different subunits of terrestrial habitats. The subunits are forests, grasslands, deserts, and wetlands. Apart from these habitats, such animals can also reside in man-made habitats like farms, towns, cities, etc. (See Where do Horses live?)

4. Where do Animals and Plants Live?

A habitat is a place where animals and plants live. It provides animals and plants with food, water, air, and shelter. The world is broadly divided into terrestrial and aquatic habitats. The terrestrial habitat is further divided into forests, grasslands, deserts, and wetlands and the aquatic habitat is divided into marine and freshwater habitats. Different varieties of plants and animals live in different habitats wherein the native plants and animals have different adaptations which help them survive. Check out What are Behavioral Adaptation of Animals?

5. Where do Birds and Animals Live?

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Since you know where do animals and plants live it is time to discover the living place of animals and birds. Animals are found all over the world. Habitat is a term referring to a place they live in. The habitats are further divided into aquatic and terrestrial habitats. Mostly, where do animals live? Animals can live in forests, grasslands, deserts, wetlands, freshwater, and marine habitats. They have different adaptions for residing in different habitats. On the contrary, a bird is a type of animal which mostly resides in these types of habitats.

  • Forest Habitats: These habitats are covered with trees and show some layering as well as undergrowth.
  • Non-forest Habitats: These areas are generally covered with shrubs, grass, scrub, or a combination of different types of vegetation. They have a single layer and a short undergrowth.
  • Aquatic Habitats: These are the habitats that are seasonally or permanently covered with water. It has a varying vegetation cover of grasses, reeds, rushes, scrub, etc. Note that flooded forests aren’t considered aquatic habitats.

6. What is the Home of Animals?

Image by Foto-RaBe from Pixabay

Where do animals live? The natural homes of animals are called habitats. These are the places where animals reside. These places provide them with necessary survival elements like food, water, shelter, space, light, air, a safe place for their progeny, etc. There are broadly two types of habitats in this world named aquatic and terrestrial habitats.

Aquatic habitats are present in water. They have adaptations like gills and fins which help them with respiration and swimming. These habitats are divided into freshwater and marine habitats. The marine habitats have animals like eels, octopuses, sharks, jellyfish, tuna, etc. On the other hand, freshwater habitats have animals like amphibians, beavers, snakes, fish, otters, etc.

Terrestrial habitats are the habitats present on the land surface. This habitat is further divided into forests, grasslands, deserts, and wetlands. Animals like red foxes, white-tailed deer, etc live in the forest. Grasslands have animals like zebras, giraffes, elephants, etc. Deserts have animals like Mexican coyotes, thorny devil lizards, fennec foxes, etc. Whereas, wetlands have animals such as beavers, meerkats, raccoons, etc. Now let’s move forward to the next question and learn what is the name of animals house. (See How many Animals are there in the World?)

7. What is the Name of Animals House?

There are a lot of animals on this earth and knowing the name of all of their houses will be tough. So, to get a complete idea of exactly where do animals live, let’s try to cover a considerable amount of animal house names through the following table:

Animal Name Home
Alligator Nest
Ant Hill
Ape Lodging, nest
Armadillo Burrow
Bat Roost, cave
Bear Den, cave, large forest
Beaver Beavery, lodge, burrow
Beetle Land(tunnel)
Bee Beehive, hive, aviary
Bird Nest, aviary
Buffalo Barn, pasture, stable, byre
Bull Cattle shed
Cat Cattery, lair, den
Camel Desert
Cheetah Safari, savanna
Cattle Barn, pasture, stable, byre
Chimpanzee Tree
Chicken Coop
Crocodile Nest
Duck Nest, pond
Eagle Eyrie
Elephant Dip-wad, jungle, nest
Frog Froggery, ranarium
Goat Locker, pen
Kangaroo Hollow tree
Ostrich Veldts

8. Where do Wild Animals Live?

Image by Michael Siebert from Pixabay

Wasn’t it fascinating learning what is the name of animals house? Now let’s learn about the living place of wild animals. Wild animal lives in wild forested regions where they depend on other animals for food and survival. They are found in all types of habitats be they aquatic or terrestrial habitats. They are found in forests, grasslands, deserts, wetlands, freshwater, and marine habitats. For example, a jaguar is a wild animal that lives in forest habitats, etc. (See Why are zoos bad for animals?)

9. Where did Tiger Live?

Tigers are wild animals that live in a variety of habitats like grasslands, mangrove swamps, rainforests, and savannas. In the past, tigers used to live across Asia but now their population is just limited to 13 tiger range countries. Tigers now reside in parts of the Indian subcontinent, the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the Russian Far East, part of China, and the Indochinese Peninsula. Read How many Bengal Tigers are Left in the World?

10. Where do Dogs Live?

Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels

A dog is a domesticated animal and it lives in a kennel. The owners keep their dogs in kennels where they are trained and bred. Must see What Animal lives in a Den?

11. Where do Cows Live?

Cows are domesticated cattle. They live in habitats where there is enough vegetation to eat. They can survive in a variety of habitats like grasslands, etc. The place where cows live is called a cowshed, byre, shed, or pen.

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