Why Are There Corgis With Long Tails And Also Corgis With Almost No Tail?

Are Corgis Born Without Tails? The corgis are born with a full-length tail, and they are tailless because their tails have been docked.
  1. About Corgis

    They are a renowned breed of dogs loved by various people because of their sheer cuteness. They are very short and small dogs; they are approximately 10 to 12 inches long and weigh around 25-30 pounds. They are seen with both long tails and with no tails as well.

  2. Why do some Corgis have long tails?

    It might surprise you that almost all corgis are born with a full-length tail. People don’t believe this; as usual, people have seen them either with a short tail or no tail at all. They are tailless because their tails have been docked; it is done when they are born to comply with the breed standards designated by their parent club (AKC).

  3. Are they born with short tails?

    There are very few corgis born with short tails, but yes, there are such cases. But, there are no corgis who are born tailless. However, their tails are docked if they do not meet AKC standards.

  4. How did docking begin?

    This is a must-know story as to why their tails have been docked, and they are preferred without tails. As per the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club Reserve, corgis were initially kept by peasants for destroying vermin in the 10th century. It was ordered that all the dogs would be mutilated to avert poaching for preserving the royal game. Herdsman was required to have the tail docked, and therefore since then, this tradition is kept the same.

  5. Endangered breed

    Back in 2007 in England, tail docking was banned from any corgis. This ban was then removed after a while because it led to the decline in breeding as many corgis were found undesirable with their tails. Various breeders gave up breeding of corgis as more than a hobby. Today, because of these reasons, they are on the endangered species list.

  6. Does tail docking hurt?

    It is one of the most critical questions that do corgis feel pain while docking? This has been an ongoing debate as different people have different opinions about it. Some people say that if docking is done when they are infants, at that point, they do not feel pain as their nervous system is not fully developed at this point.

    On the contrary, a few people say that their basic nervous system is enough to feel the pain. But, there is no proof or evidence that they feel pain or not when their tail is docked.

  7. How is tail docking done?

    This procedure is not simple and would be tough for dog lovers to witness. It is done when a puppy is tiny, and there are two ways of doing it. The first thing to keep in mind is that tail docking is done without using any pain killers or anaesthesia. But, as they are small, they are usually sleeping when this process is done.

    Usually, it is done by cutting through scissors. The second way is by using a rubber band to cut the blood circulation, and then eventually, the tail drops on its own.

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