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Why are Hospitals Kept So Cold?

Ever wondered why are hospitals kept so cold? There are numerous facts that instill to confirm this question. Doctors and patients usually know the answer to this. However, if you are reading this outside the hospital then let us walk you through the fact that confirms whether are hospitals cold to kill germs. If you didn’t know about this earlier, we will help you understand them.

1. What is a Cold Room in a Hospital?

The cold room is generally referred to a room that is specifically made to be well-insulated. This prevents them from allowing direct thermal flow. Since hospitals are very cold, you can find numerous cold rooms in them. However, they are poorly appreciated and do not have a huge impact on modern life. But this is because of numerous reasons which will be discussed later. (See What is the Most Common Drug Test for Probation?)

2. Why are ICUs Kept Cold?

There are numerous reasons why are ICUs kept cold. The ICU has frigid temperatures to battle the warmth-loving nature of bacteria, which helps restrict bacteria and virus growth. It further prevents condensation which can move bacteria from surface to surface. This is similar to the food safety procedures that are used by the food industry to prevent harmful bacteria from developing in food. 

3. What is the Ideal Temperature for ICU?

Now we know why are ICUs kept cold so let us take a look at what is the ideal temperature for ICU. The recommended temperature range for ICUs is 16 °C to 25 °C. Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States recommend a temperature of 21-24 °C. The United Kingdom and India recommend a temperature of 18-25 °C. (See How Do We Get Sick?)

4. What Temperature are Hospitals Kept at?

Now we are aware of what is the ideal temperature for ICU. Moreover, there are certain guidelines laid for hospitals regarding temperature management in the hospitals which answers the popular query of what temperature are hospitals kept at. However, the cold temperatures vary in each room.

  • For endoscopy suites, and clean workrooms the temperature is kept at 68 °F to 73 °F which is 20 °C to 23 °C.
  • Some warmer temperatures are recommended for patients such as 75° F (24° C).
  • The hospital has a standard temperature range such as 70 °F to 75 °F (21 °C to 24 °C).

5. What is the Temperature Used in The Operating Room?

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The approved operating room temperature range in classes B and C is 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature range in operating rooms should be between 70- and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. (Also See What is the Temperature of Water at Room Temperature?)

6. Why are Hospitals Kept So Cold?

Now you know what temperature are hospitals kept at, so here are a few reasons why are hospitals kept so cold. Let us take a look at them:

  • Prevent the Bactria Formation: Warm environments produce bacteria that progress more quickly. Hospitals keep a low temperature to insulate patients from infectious diseases. The idea is the same in hospitals as it is when we preserve food in a cool environment. The patients are protected from new infections.
  • Prevent Humidity: If the hospital is kept heated, condensation will form. The patient is experiencing health effects from the wetness. The area becomes uncomfortable. Condensation can infect the patient. Removal of moisture by air conditioners helps in preventing the development of bacteria. Since humidity might make the floor slippery, a slick floor is a risk to the safety of the emergency room. As the moisture accumulates and falls on the floor, it becomes wet and oily.
  • Helps in Drug Storage: In order to remain effective, medicines must be kept in a cool, dry environment. The staff uses a cold method to keep the medications secure.
  • Make it easy for the staff to work: The hospital room is one of the busiest locations in the city. The crew is moving from patient to patient. In some instances, the body may burn up, making the patient uncomfortable. The cold temperature cause them to stay cool and stop sweating.
  • Facilitate Machines to work efficiently: The hospital equipment does overheat during the day. The machine will cool down at a low temperature. This is one of the major reasons why are hospitals kept so cold.
  • Helps in balancing light: The doctor and other medical workers like bright light. The employees are very cool despite the heat coming in from the powerful light.

7. What Temperature Should I be in ICU?

If you have a fever which can be infectious and non-infectious sometimes, the doctor might have put you in ICU so you are required to be at a temperature of 101º F which is approximately 38.3º F. This is another reason why are hospitals kept so cold and thus, this sums up the answer to what temperature should I be in ICU. Read What is Difference between Public Health and Population Health?

8. Are Hospitals Cold to Kill Germs?

Yes, the major reason for hospitals being too cold is to stop the infectious disease to spread. Germs are kept at low temperatures to prevent their growth. The patients are kept from contracting infections because the frigid temperatures stop bacteria from developing. Although a lot of people know whether are hospitals cold to kill germs but a few may still feel surprised.

9. What Happens If You Stay in Cold Temperatures for Too Long?

Low body temperature can lead to hypothermia. An abnormally low body temperature can make it hard to move or think clearly. This applies only to spaces that are below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold temperatures can be altered with hospital temperature requirements. See How Long does it take a Body to Decompose in Water?

10. What is the Humidity Level in the Hospital?

The humidity level in hospitals ranges from 30 to 95%

If you were thinking why are hospitals kept so cold, then the only reason is to prevent patients spreading from any infectious disease. However, these hospital temperature requirements are different at different levels. So, if you are thinking what temperature should I be in ICU then the ideal temperature would be 16º to 25º. If you are in the hospital and think, why are they so cold then consider these reasons.


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